We had to go to the dentist because my tooth has been really painful. As it turned out, I have an extraction coming up. The alternative — since this tooth already has a crown — would be drilling through the crown, hoping the crown doesn’t splinter and that there’s a nerve underneath on which to perform a root canal. If not, have it extracted anyway, thereby paying $1400 for the root canal that didn’t happen plus another $300 for the extraction. I decided to have it removed. It’s time for a couple of partial bridges. The good news about the dentist is his office is next to the Mumford River.

Who put the Windsor chair atop the dam?

I think in honor of our high school graduates, the town has strung American flags all across the bridge over the river. It makes a beautiful vision of a small town on a perfect summer’s day. The flags were interesting and the river is beautiful even as low as it currently is … but who put the chair up there?

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  1. Just have the tooth pulled. I went through that a number of years ago. The pain was unbearable, and I remember the absolute relief I felt when that bad tooth came out. Seeing the look on my face, the dentist started singing, “Oh what a relief it is…” I’ve never regretted that decision.

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    • I will have it pulled but the surgeon won’t be around until 9/9. I have a date. Meanwhile, though, I have an ugly oral infection and am living on Clindamycin — helps keep the infection down, but also terrible for ones gut. My innards hate me.

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      • Ugh. If it ain’t one end, it’s the other. I used to hold a hot tea bag in my mouth over the sore tooth; believe it or not, it really helped.


        • The problem is that oral infections go right to the heart — your heart, my heart. And since my heart has been seriously re-engineered, it doesn’t have much fight-back bounce. So it’s not just the pain — it’s also that it would be a pity to spend all this time avoiding COVID-19 only to die of an abscess in a tooth. Talk about IRONY. Sheesh.

          I’m running an intermittent fever, the first fever I’ve had (not connected with surgery) in more than 10 years. Nobody seemed alarmed, so I put off writing my will. I think I’ll write a “won’t.” Whatever THAT is.

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      • Chair probably belongs to the guy who watches the dam and reports back to our Selectmen – for what? I dunno.


  2. Lovely photo, Marilyn. I guess whoever put that chair there would have enjoyed a beautiful – if somewhat precariously placed – view of the river. I hope your tooth is feeling better. Sounds painful in more than one way – physically and financially!

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  3. I think I’d be afraid to sit there!

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  4. The missing sentinel?

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  5. That’s quite fancy – it must have been a true lover of this beautiful tranquil scenery! Dentists…. we love to hate them but need them at the same time! We found our jewel in France and as it is nearly impossible to get on any dentist’s list here in Switzerland (as we are ‘newcomers’ to the region), we shall dedicate a day or two per year to reserve half a day of ‘our’ darling in France and have our biting equipment sorted and maybe pay a few visits at the same occasion…. well, that’s the general idea – but we had others not coming to anything, and nobody knew about C19 when we decided on that strategy…


    • It’s nearly impossible to even walk there, much less carry a chair there. It’s very narrow and if you fall, you are dead. It does make a great view from the dentist’s waiting room, though.

      I’m glad we had a local guy this time. This tooth really HURT and I’m going to need it pulled. Then, if we get rich, I need a couple of partial bridges to make chewing less difficult. Age. What a pain. Your TEETH get old!

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  6. Perhaps the chair is there for golden oldies to relax after an exhausting visit to the dentist next door.


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