Fandango’s Dog Days of August #28: LOVING AUTUMN

New England has always been the best place in the world to see the colors of Autumn. We have always had “bad” autumnal years. There can be too much rain or an early snow in September or early October. A hurricane or serious nor’easter can blow the autumn leaves from the trees or wash them away.

The Blackstone River in the fall

The region which we live is usually the best place among many great places in New England, probably because we have more than 70% trees. Also, there is the beautiful Blackstone River and its tributaries running through it. Twisting and turning from it’s birth up in the Worcester hills until it exits into the ocean in Rhode Island.

The canal is most prolifically covered with fallen leaves

Stone bridge over the river and canal in Autumn

For the past two years, we’ve barely had any kind of autumn. It stayed warm so late into the year, the leaves just turned brown and fell off. In 2018, we got about three days of autumn and last year, we got one day. Maybe it was a day and a half. I love autumn for its colors and the crisp, cool weather. I would like fall back again. I want the season. Even a couple of weeks. Please?

#FDDA – Dog Days of August

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10 replies

  1. It will soon be here. The colours will be glorious.


  2. We don’t have the same colors of the autumn leaves where I live now that you have in New England. But fall is still my favorite season because the weather from mid-September through mid-November here can’t be beat. It’s before the rainy season (winter), but after the heat of summer is gone.


    • It can be heaven if the weather cooperates. Recently, the changes in climate are very evident and one of the biggest things is that suddenly, we haven’t had autumn and winter is much warmer. Weather predictions are more “best guesses” than real forecasts. I hope we get to dealing with the climate very very very soon!


  3. Third one down, the bridge with all the fall colors around is especially beautiful. I also like the composition of the couple walking along the creek/canal into the light. It has a very “entering-fairyland” kinda vibe.., or maybe Heaven?


    • It rather looked like that. We were in the shade and the sun was coming from the west and the people walking on the path had just left the shade and entered the bright yellow light. It was downright spiritual.


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