I got up this morning and there was a hairy woodpecker working hard on a tree. He wasn’t where I usually shoot, but I managed to find a window that was clean enough to shoot through and I got some really nice pictures of a Hairy Woodpecker — that’s the medium size one — doing his job. It must be hard finding bugs right now because it has been so dry, but apparently he found quite the bonanza in this particular tree. He was beating up on it when I got to the kitchen and was still working on it when I moved on to coffee. Maybe he found a nest of something?

Portrait of a Hairy Woodpecker doing his job!

It was interesting getting sharp pictures because his little head was in constant motion, moving so rapidly you could barely see the movements. You’d think all that pounding would give him a headache! Don’t they have beautiful patterns in their feathers? Especially from the side!

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  1. Amazing shots, Marilyn! You did well to catch him so beautifully in focus with all that head action. I’ve always said the same about woodpeckers – it’s a wonder they don’t give themselves headaches, or even concussion! Apparently it’s all down to the shock absorbers they have all round where their beaks meet their heads. Isn’t evolution wonderful? One thing though: I thought that ‘Hairy Woodpecker’ is just how you’d described him – I didn’t realise it was his official title! Great name. What it’s a shame we don’t have them over here. We’d call them Greater or Lesser Spotted, nothing so witty!


  2. Well done Marilyn, they’re excellent photos.


  3. Great pics. I like your query, “I wonder if he gets headaches from banging his head repeated into the tree?” Mebbe you should leave him a couple of Excedrin.

    Is he a distant cousin of Woody?


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