We got a bit of rain yesterday and today, but not enough. Not nearly enough. We are in a stage called “serious drought, ” but we may move into “dangerous drought” by the end of next week. Not surprisingly, living in the woods we are being very, very careful about fire. It’s tinder dry pretty much everywhere and there are a lot of brush fires. Lucky we got some new fire trucks and Uxbridge has the biggest and best fire department in the area, though all the fire departments work together when there’s a big one. Even so, the biggest fire department pales in comparison to the number of dry trees which desperately need rain.

Hairy Woodpecker and incoming sparrow

I now put out water for the birds too. I didn’t used to because there are rivers and ponds all over, but many of them are dried out. Our own little pond, which we can see, but have never managed to physically get to is completely dry. The good part is that there aren’t many mosquitoes. The bad part is the trees are suffering and I don’t know how we are going to get much of an apple harvest with such dry weather. I guess we’ll see.

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  1. The news about a drought in your neck of the woods is quite worrisome. One expects such things out here, where it’s a desert; but geez. New England? I hope there’s a substantial rain soon. Gorgeous photos!


    • Summer is usually dry, but by late August, we should be getting rain again. We get a lot of rain in the spring and sometimes in the fall. But winter isn’t as cold as it was, so last winter we didn’t get any snow. Just a lot of rain. I’ll take the water any way we can get it.


  2. Love that incoming sparrow…


    • I wasn’t entirely sure what he was because all his colors were bleached by the sun, but in other pictures, I could see his feathers. Looks almost hawklike in this photo! Of course, if he WERE a hawk, all the other birds would have fled in a panic, so obviously, it was a garden bird.

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  3. Such beautiful pictures of the birds. wishing the best for you and nature.


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