A Photo a Week Challenge: Vacation Memories

Our honeymoon was in Ireland and that was definitely our most memorable vacation. But I don’t have much in the way of pictures from those weeks on the Emerald Isle … and it really is emerald. It was the greenest place I’ve ever been. Everything was green. The grass seemed greener. The fields were brilliant and we saw a rainbow every morning.

Photo, Garry Armstrong

Photo, Garry Armstrong

Wildflowers in an empty field in upstate New York

Lake Otsego

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  1. My memories of Ireland were the many different colours of green.


  2. You have beautiful colours here. And that sun bursts are just lovely.


  3. I think Ireland contains every shade of green distributed throughout the country. I found it also contained some of the friendliest people, well versed in poetry and drama. Maybe because I’m half Irish I was prejudiced, but I don’t think so. I found the British to be open and helpful to a befuddled tourist as well.


    • The only nasty person we met was a “fellow” American. The Irish were a great bunch of people. They have issues about which we talked, but overall, they seemed happy. It’s hard to tell as a guest, but there was a lot less whining and complaining than over here. And OH so green!


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