We grow a lot of horses in the valley. Many are saddle horses. Quarter horses. Morgans and Tennessee Walkers. But mostly, we grow big horses. Belgian Draft horses and Percherons. They don’t do anything much. No circuses for these horses. They lounge in pastures and hope someone will bring them an apple or two. Big friendly horses, like those the knights rode into battle.

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  1. Beautiful photos of the horses, Marilyn. Thank you for sharing them with us. Have a Blessed day.


  2. They are lovely Marilyn.


  3. Stunning beasts, and yes, I can just see them riding into battle in all their finery. Hugely noble and beautiful animals. I love the picture of the one rolling around having fun. 🙂


    • It’s hard to realize how big they are. They are the size of a 10-ton trucks. They are HUGE. Friendly, gentle, and gigantic. The owner of this bunch got old and sold them … He couldn’t care for them anymore and I miss them. I used to go to the farm (Ironwood) and pet them. They still breed miniature horses and ponies and goats as well as corn and tomatoes and other fresh produce. My granddaughter had a horse party here for her 9th birthday and has been in love with horses ever since. They used to have a fancy carriage with bells and at for weddings and once in a whilte the owner would drive them into town,, wearing a top hat every now and then. It was charming.


      • Sounds wonderful, Marilyn, and I’m not surprised your granddaughter became hooked on horses after meeting with such beautiful beasts. I hope they fared well after leaving. I’d miss them too.


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