And They Cheer Him On, by Rich Paschall

Just as he has done with many of his businesses, Trump has taken America down the road to ruin, and it was not paved with good intentions. Everything he has done, or not done in many cases, has brought the country to a perilous position.

Let’s go back to the beginning. No, not to the insults of immigrants, the disabled, the press, women, and others. Let’s go golfing. You may recall that DJT promised to be working in the White House and not out on the golf course. He lied.

He has gone golfing so often it is hard to keep count. When he brags about donating his 400,000 USD salaries to charity, keep in mind that his golfing has cost the country 140 million dollars at this point. Here is the super corrupt part. Trump properties bill the federal government for rooms for the Secret Service and for other amenities and services for Trump and his guests. Guess who benefits from the profits. Yes, he can funnel your tax dollars into his own organizations. It is a clear violation of the Emoluments Clause, but he likely can not spell it or know its meaning. If you listened closely to the video, you will notice that he said he would be working his ass off.  Well clearly, that’s not true, but I digress.

Trump Airlines – Trump beverages – Trump, the board game – Trump Casinos – Trump Magazine- Trump Mortgage- Trump Steaks – Trump Vodka – Trump University – Trump travel site

Seriously, how do you bankrupt a casino, or multiple casinos, for that matter? Or multiple times? The “stable genius” managed to do just that. If I listed all of his failures I would be taking up too much space, but you get the idea. So the master of failure would now like you to believe that he has made great trade deals, great international agreements, great domestic agreements. He will tell you what a wonderful job he has done for everyone, while it is more likely that he is being played. Sometimes the con man gets played by a better con man. His tariff wars benefitted only on the other side. It meant he had to bail out farmers and US business. His attempts at diplomacy with the North Koreas and the Russians went nowhere while he was trashing our relationship with our long-standing allies. And after he failed so often, he announced at his rallies that he was a huge success and his supporters cheered him on.

“This is their new hoax,” Trump continued.

We have already detailed how the Trump administration completely mishandled the COVID-19 pandemic from the beginning in “Backfire: The Big Miscalculation.” At this writing, there have been over 5,950,000 cases and 182,000 deaths. DJT and most of his red-state governors are accomplices in the death of thousands of Americans. More than eleven thousand have died of coronavirus in Florida alone where Trump had hoped to hold the Republican Convention  The US has 4 percent of the world’s population but almost 24 percent of the coronavirus cases. After all this time, there still is no national plan of action to stem the tide. And yet, Trump tells his followers he is doing a great job and they cheer him on.

Holding Back The Economy

While the coronavirus remains out of control, it will be impossible for many businesses to make a comeback. Most people are afraid to fly so the airlines suffer. Worse yet, Americans are not even allowed in many countries, stifling international travel and business. Restaurants and other service industry businesses are either closed or open on a limited scale. Of course, in some red states, business is wide open and people are dying at an alarming rate. People are not shopping in stores and most are sticking with purchasing essentials only. Those who have lost their jobs or are afraid of losing a job are not likely to buy anything extra at this time. Vast numbers of people remain unemployed. Trump will tell you they have added over 9 million jobs to the economy. This is a massive misstatement. After losing over 22 million jobs in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions have been called back. Trump will take credit for this as “job creation” and his cult will cheer him on.

Sometimes enough is not enough

Holding Back People

Most countries in the Western World have developed programs to help their citizens through the COVID-19 pandemic. Here the Republicans have literally thrown a bone to the people and think that should suffice. In return for any additional help, they wish to bargain away Social Security and Medicare, you know, those programs you paid into all your life to help secure your retirement. Since the Democrats in the House would not allow this, the people have received no additional help.

Apparently, the greedy millionaires and billionaires of the Republican Party (no longer a Grand Old Party) do not know how the economy works. Providing stimulus for the rich does not create jobs and it does not help society. People who already have enough money to buy whatever they want are not buying extra with more money. Corporations are not creating jobs with stimulus money. Many are buying back their stock. Here’s the corrupt part. Businesses associated with DJT received “small business COVID loans” and money under Payroll Protection Program. Meanwhile, many small businesses did not get help because the money ran out.

People without jobs and little money will spend unemployment money and stimulus money on goods and services, thus paying sales taxes and providing jobs. Many are in need of things they can not afford now. Buying goods is what helps the economy, not giving the rich more money. It’s simple Economics 101 but Trump doesn’t seem to understand it. He will tell his rallies that he has done a great job for the people, and the uneducated will cheer him on.

Sources: Between his Twitter fits, rallies that spread the virus and his golf outings, DJT does not have much time to read, but perhaps you do. Facts were sourced or verified from the following:
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See also: “Backfire: The Big Miscalculation,” SERENDIPITY, August 1, 2020.
The Two Pandemics,” SERENDIPITY, July 6, 2020.

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14 replies

  1. How can I ‘like’ this post? It’s so full of sad facts that it should overspill with tears and ooze through the screen with the poison of true fake news et al.

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  2. yes, to all of this. 9 weeks to go.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Trump has mastered the art of cheating in golf.

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  4. I have reached a total inability to know what’s going on anymore. It’s all opinion. No one really knows anything and I don’t think we will know anything until AFTER the election. What a time we live in! The weather is beautiful today. Cool, dry, sunny. I’d swap it all for a good soaking rain.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s why I try to cover my bases with fact checking. I feel it’s only right to indicate the sources for the facts I mention, so there is usually a long list at the end. I have read other articles on related topics where I don’t end up using anything. Cetainly some of it is opinion, but I hope the facts clearly support those conclusions.
      We have the same weather here today. After a long, hot August, cooler and sunny is nice. We could use the rain too as the month has also been very dry. I think the reason we have so many birds is that we water the back yard often. Robins are master at running around on the ground and finding worms and other things to eat. I had no idea there were so many worms.


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