Last photo for August 2020

As usual, I left the chip in my reader. I tend to do that and not just at the end of the month. I take it out when I put the next one in. Why? Shall we call it laziness? This particular picture of a Carolina Wren was accidentally taken as an HDR. I don’t do HDR. I sometimes do imitation HDR, but not the real deal. How I wound up shooting in HDR? I clicked the wrong thing in the menu.

My one and only HDR of a Carolina Wren

So, I did the best I could having zero knowledge of how to do it right. This came out pretty well considering I used the wrong setting and had no idea how to process it. Also, birds are not good subjects for HDR. They are in constant motion, so the shots don’t line up at all. And finally, since the last Microsoft upgrade, I have to reinstall all of my filters because most of them are throwing errors. I’ll get to it. Eventually. Right now, I’m getting a headache thinking about it.

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3 replies

  1. What a cute little bird. The photo is great for a mismanaged photo. I actually like the vivid colours in this image. Thanks for joining in Marilyn 🙂


    • Thanks. I did EVERYTHING wrong, but somehow, it came out pretty well. But i think I’ll forego further adventures in HDR. I don’t really have current software for it anyway. What I have is more than ten years old … and birds move to much for the system to work. That was a chip with about 40 pictures on it. Just two were even remotely usable. If I would get your challenges more often, i’d join more often! Having a LOT of problem with our internet provider AND with WordPress.


  2. It’s not laziness, my friend! Let’s welcome September!
    The Dog Hug


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