The Changing Seasons, August 2020

So here we are with summer about to end. It’s Labor Day next weekend. Time to start school. Oh, wait, there is no school. Well, maybe there will be so crunchy leaves underfoot, if only we would get some rain. Everything is so terribly dry.

Personally, I’m a total nervous wreck. This whole refinance business is driving me crazy. My family seems to have the utmost confidence that we are going to be fine. They are sure I’ll manage to make this work while I’m in mortal terror that there will be a last minute glitch and we’ll be left with a complete disaste. I’m absolutely terrified. And apparently, the only one who is. How did THAT happen?

I haven’t taken a lot of pictures. Birds, mostly. Squirrels and red squirrels now. We seem to have more red ones than big gray ones which is very unusual since the red ones are being pushed out by the bigger grays. I put out dishes of water for the birds and squirrels these days because the rivers are running dry and it’s a long fly to the nearest water. It’s also apple season. This area is full of apple orchards, but there has been so little rain. Hard to know if we are going to get much of a crop without water.

I have a lot of trouble understanding people who don’t see the changes in the climate. Warm winters, bone-dry summers, no snow in winter, autumn vanishing almost entirely. We never did get much in the way of spring, but we used to get at least a few weeks of autumn and we always got a real winter. Now? We get sharks. Lots of sharks. Those warm coastal water attract seals and the seals attract sharks. Speaking of sharks, we got a new boiler. Now, all we need is a refinance to finish paying for it. If we run out of money, will they take the boiler back?

New boiler

And of course, no one goes anywhere. We don’t. We are the people the virus for whom the virus searches. We are ready-to-go victims. It’s a horrible way to feel. Sometimes I swear I can hear this unseen plague stalking us. It’s just a stupid virus. Not even a living thing, so how can it stalk us? Yet we feel stalked. I wonder if there will ever be a normal world again.

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10 replies

  1. That boiler is an interesting contraption. Never seen anything quite like it but we don’t have central heating in Australian houses as a rule. I am sure that they would wait a couple more months for the money rather than have the trouble and expense of taking it away. Not to mention the bad publicity if word got about.
    Hope the juggling act is nearly at an end.


  2. I hope the refinancing gets sorted soon. I totally get how it feels to be the one doing all the work, carrying all the stress and being on edge waiting, waiting.

    Your wildlife photos are lovely as always.


  3. Hey Marilyn,

    Great minds think alike. Marsha and I were having this very conversation today before I saw this. Birds are eating like mad people, rabbits all over, young maples showing color change and flowers like zinnias and daisies and black-eyed Susan’s all withering up. Still warm but nights are creeping down into the 60s… early for these parts until the last few years… seasons are confused. Great images. Hope you caught trump’s abbreviated “press conference” today. What a contrast between Biden’s really good speech and trump’s stumbling lies. Only 65 more days until Trumplandia saga ends… Be safe.


    • Let’s just hope Trumplandia DOES end!!

      The climate has changed a lot and we never know what’s going to happen. Forecasts are guesses. The trees are changing color, green leaves are falling off the trees. So far, our well has held out … but forget the economy. If we don’t deal with the climate our children and grandchildren won’t have a world to live in.


  4. I’m glad that new boiler is in and ready to go. Things will work out Marilyn. I doubt they will try and take that furnace away from you.



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