Last night it got downright chilly. About four in the morning — which these days seems to be my automatic wake-up time — I got up, took the cover off the bed. Folded it and moved the next weight covering from the quilt rack and to the bed. We have three basic covers — very light, a bit weightier, and winter, which is to say, the down comforter. For those other weirdly in-between nights, there’s a very lightweight quilted cotton cover and a heavier quilted cover, and an actual made-by-the-Amish quilt that I really use because it has a lot of heft and make my feet curl up.

Birds are everywhere

Carolina Finch enjoying a snack. The black sunflower seeds are the big winners.

When I come out in the morning, there are birds everywhere. This morning there was a bright red Cardinal sharing a feeder with a brilliant yellow Goldfinch and at least half a dozen other species flying around. We have a big ladder-backed woodpecker who has a serious passion for one of our Catalpa trees. He bangs his head into it all day long, then drops by the feeder for, I assume, dessert. He is quite a big lad.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 300-woodpecker-at-work_083020_005.jpg

It’s hard to tell the woodpeckers apart. The Downy, Hairy, Black and Ladderback all look very much alike, at least at a glance. This guy is just noticeably bigger than the Hairy and a lot bigger than the downy. Wicked beak, too. When he takes over a feeder, he stares down all the other birds. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 180-giant-weeds_090120_006.jpg

So the question is first, can I use the block editor. Yes, I can. Will anyone else be willing to use it? That is a really big question and I don’t have an answer. I’m not convinced this format is going to work with my template or any template I choose. The templates have been crashing for quite a while already — and if they don’t fix them so they can work with the new editor, they will very soon not work at all.

Two woodpeckers, one feeder
Still blooming

Also, the roses are still blooming. Not with the enthusiasm of July, but definitely alive and well. How they have survived with so little rain, I do not know.


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  1. Waking up at 4am is very early, Marilyn. I get up at 5am and I am tired by Friday. Your pictures are very pretty as always. I converted to the block editor a while ago and I prefer it but it seems to be giving bloggers a lot of grief. I got an email telling me I could keep the classic editor if I wanted to so I’m sure you also could remain with the classic editor.


  2. Firstly, your bird shots are and stay amazing! Love them all – and that woodpecker looks downright dangerous!
    I too am constantly amazed on how little water the roses, this year, survive. I fully expected ours in France to perish completely and we DID have many, many losses but the most amazing thing is that some of those roses SURVIVED (until now – we haven’t been for a while).


  3. So it looks like this new editor has been trust upon us all. It’s like doing your taxes. I don’t like doing them but I’ll be damned if it will get the better of me.

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    • It isn’t hard to use, but it is harder to use and clumsy. It’s non-intuitive, which means that you have to go looking for functions that were previously easy to access and you can’t “preset” things like pictures to a standard side and position on the screen. As far as I can tell, it doesn’t offer you anything more than you had before. It’s just more effort to use it.

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    • Leslie, just ducked outside to check weather because we have an errand to run. It’s sunny and feels mild. Nights are definitely cooler.
      Block Editor? Above my pay grade.
      Hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend.

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  4. Ah beautiful. Because of things we’ve really appreciated our garden and the wildlife this year.

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