We live in a country full of shallow, if not outrightly stupid people. They watch “the news” and believe it’s all lies because an orange-skinned bloke says so. As a woman whose husband was a television news reporter for more than 40 years, I’d like to point out that not once in his entire career did my husband haul his tired ass out of bed so he could get up to fabricate lies for the public.


He made mistakes now and then — but not often — and sometimes made the wrong choice about what story to cover, but never at any point in his long career did he intentionally lie to the public. Moreover, none of his colleagues lied to the public either.

I do not include Fox in this. Whatever they do at Fox, the news isn’t it.

The news has always been as truthful as the people who do the job can make it. Are there errors? Of course. Reporters are human beings and we are imperfect, but none of the errors was intentional. It wasn’t lying. Errors are not lies. What Trump says? Now THAT is lying. Garry was never told to tell lies. He was occasionally asked to omit something or spin the truth, but he didn’t do that, either. He tells the truth and so did his colleagues. The other reporters, photographers, directors, and producers? They told the truth, too.


Reporters are not liars. They work hard trying to get at the truth — even when they know people aren’t listen.


The news is as true as the people who research and write it can make it. Do they make mistakes? Yes, but they correct themselves and apologize. They don’t erase the truth about a president. Only an elected pathological liar could do that.


The news IS the truth. If you are don’t believe reality, you are going to live with something worse. We are on a razor-thin edge between what we used to think was freedom versus a plutocracy or oligarchy — if we haven’t already crossed that line. We will know shortly for good or ill.

Shallow people are stupid. I don’t mean they have a “low IQ.” I mean they are too limited, lazy, selfish, and foolhardy to learn the truth. It’s so much easier to believe what you want to believe because that’s so much easier than believing something which you might find disturbing or uncomfortable. When you accept only the “comfortable,” you don’t have to read or research. You don’t need to know anything. Whatever you want to believe is true and you figure, that’s good enough.

But it isn’t good enough. Not for you, not for anyone. Facts are real, provable, meaningful. You can build on facts and the truths they support. You cannot build on lies. That big old wolf will just blow the house down. Meanwhile, you can roll along, believing what the current blowhard in power tells you. That’s how we got where we are. That’s how we’ll keep rolling downhill until we become one of those infamous sh&%hole countries.

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  1. I tell you Marilyn, that before our roll hits the very bottom, I hope I’m dead. I am so discouraged by our ‘choice’ (bwahahahah…choice? We don’t need no stinkin’ choice) in this awful year’s election that, like the last time around (when baboon boy became ‘king’), I’m having difficulty working up any motivation TO vote. And yes, I know that it’s important, perhaps the most important thing I can do right now. That baboon needs to take his red ass and get out of our sight. The other choice (to me anyway) is no better. He appears to be senile, and we all saw where that got us with Reagan. Apologies to Reagan worshipers everywhere. I am grateful you reminded us of a time when reporters and journalists actually told the bald truth, however unpalatable it was. When one could trust the evening news reporter because they were people of integrity. Alas. Those days are gone. Far in the rear view mirror because salacious gossip and tripe have become the standard, sound bites and spin doctors tell us what to think. The internet is viewed as a reliable news source. Feh. I’m having a grouchy day, so I apologize for the bile spewing on your comment portion here.


    • I don’t think Biden is senile. I think because he was a stutterer, he has trouble forming words sometimes. He’s the same age as my husband, so he forgets words. That doesn’t mean he’s senile, just old. And Kamala, his follow-up, is pretty peppy. I would have liked a more exciting combination too, but it wasn’t going to happen. MOST of the country wants something cozy and safe. They don’t want “socialism,” although frankly, having lived with socialism AND capitalism, there really isn’t a whole lot of difference between them except that salaries tend to be more equal and there are fewer billionaires, MANY fewer guns and MUCH better medical care.

      As far as medical care goes, not every country has a “one system for everyone” system. England and Canada do, but Switzerland and Israel don’t. In Israel, there’s one “base” medical system and if you are broke or just don’t want to spend more money on medical care, it’s perfectly fine, but it’s more of a clinic arrangement and a lot more waiting in line. In both Switzerland and Israel, if you want to get out of the clinics, have your own doctor, and get basically what we call a PPO or HMO, you pay a little more (not a LOT more) and voila, it’s America all over again, but drugs are free (actually FREE!) and if there is something wrong with you, they will hunt down the problem no matter how many doctors it takes regardless of cost. Which is very nice for living people

      I got a lot of problems cured while I lived there that no one could seem to figure out over here. That’s because there was no limit on tests or specialists or hospitals or surgery and frankly, it was GREAT medical service. The doctors didn’t get paid much better than I was paid. In return for getting this stuff (there’s also no homelessness and almost no violent crime)(terrorism is a different matter) we paid higher taxes, but many basic items like cooking oil, milk, yogurt, fresh vegetables, chicken, bread, cheese — is controlled. You can spend whatever money you have left on street food, which is REALLY good.

      Socialism isn’t one system. Each socialist country is a little different than every other socialist country. Elections are different too. They don’t cost billions of dollars and they don’t last forever, thank god.

      People in this country think socialism is the same as Stalinist Communism. It isn’t. Communism is more like Fascism than Socialism … and even socialist countries — well, most businesses are run privately and are extremely capitalist. IF you work for the government, you get more socialism which means absolute job security (no matter how bad you are, you never get fired), but you also don’t make a lot of money. I worked privately. Better pay, more interesting work, and medical benefits are NOT linked to your job. I don’t even know where Americans get their ideas about how other countries live. We are so provincial and stupid about the rest of the world.

      I’m not sure — outside of maybe Finland? — if there really IS any purely socialist country. Americans are sure that people living in socialist countries must hate it. In fact, most of them won’t live HERE because of our lack of medical benefits. They really love their countries and think ours kind of sucks. Having lived elsewhere, I’m inclined to agree. We don’t HAVE to suck, but we do.

      Meanwhile, no one who got stuck with the “socialist” label was going to get elected here. At least not this year and yes, we really need to get the ugly orange clown out of office.

      I mean seriously, how long does it take to vote? We just voted in the primary here and I was done in less than five minutes. Unless you live in a major city, it’s less time than it takes to stop at the grocery and buy a pack of gum. Surely you can manage that?


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