I think I need new glasses. I figured this out when after taking a lot of pictures of birds and squirrels, I realized they were all blurry. I could just be having a bad day, but the odds are pretty good that I’m not seeing well. Or maybe my lens needs cleaning. Or the filter.

I’m pretty sure I have an eye test coming up soon. This month, or maybe next month. Maybe I can afford new lenses if I can put them in my existing frames?


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  1. It’s not just your eyes, Marilyn, they look blurry to me too. Must be the lens.

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    • It’s also possible I’m extending the lens too much or the light wasn’t sufficient, but yes, they all look fuzzy to me. Every last one. And they didn’t look fuzzy in the LCD.

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    • Leslie, I went thru a battery of tests yesterday to determine if I have glaucoma.

      3 hours later — after visions tests, exams, numerous drops, prodding and poking…I asked THE specialist, “So, what’s wrong, Doc?” — “You are pretty good, Mr. Armstrong”. I explained AGAIN the numerous incidents of blurry eyes and headaches while driving and nightly incidents of eye woes at home.

      “Nothing to worry about”. Me: “But, the glaucoma?” Doc: “You have a tiny tearing in the right eye..you’re okay”. Me: “But, Doctor..” Doc: “You are okay”. More fluids injected.

      Now, I’m sore, head-achy and I can just barely see with computer glasses. Me: “Doc, I can’t see”. Doc: “You’ll be fine”. Me: “But, Doctor, I have to drive home and I can’t see”. Doc: “You’ll be fine..see you in 6 months”. I mumble, grumble, reset my cochlear head button which had been knocked around during the many eye exams.

      I stumble out the office, barely able to see, bumping into several people. I am mumbling profanities as I switch to my bi-focals. Then, like Peter O’Toole in “My Favorite Year”, I yell, ” I can see! It’s a miracle! Sweet Jesus, I can see”.

      I drove home, still silently cursing over the yelling sports radio yakkers. Somehow, I didn’t feel vindicated by the day.

      (Insert here: Richie Havens , “I can see clearly now..”)

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  2. Because I am going blind, I urge you to take care of your eyes in every way possible.

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    • I do have an appointment coming up. Turns out to be the beginning of November which is a back up from almost 9 months ago when the pandemic began. I do try to take care of them. Garry is busy taking care of his eyes, too. He has glaucoma in one eye, but not the other. His mother had glaucoma too, so it’s not unusual for it to run in families. I just have the worst case of dry eye ever. I feel like my eyes are burning most of the time, especially when there’s a lot of pollen.

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  3. I have to change up my glasses every so often, adapting to my changing vision as I go, and don’t always notice for a while

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    • But the photographs are a giveaway. I think I’m extending too far because it looks right, but my eyes aren’t accurate, so they aren’t right. Until I get a new script, I’ll have to back off a bit to leave a little leeway for the lens to find its edge.

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  4. This happened to me last week, but I’m blaming the camera!

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