My sick tooth is gone. Presumably, this will also cure the abscess in the gum above the tooth. It was ironic because this tooth was in my gum as solid as a rock. Not even a wobble. The dentist cut it into pieces and took it out piece by piece, although I feel like I was also recently punched in the face. There was a lot of powerful tugging on that tooth. I could be in a better mood.

How long this will take to heal is anyone’s guess. A few days? A week? I’ve had teeth that healed pretty much overnight and a couple that took weeks. One shattered so badly I was pulling shards of tooth out of my gum for months afterwards. I did not go back to that dentist. I’m feeling very anti-dentist at the moment, but it will pass. He didn’t do anything wrong. It was just not very pleasant for me.

Meanwhile, my diet will be tepid everything. No straws, nothing crunchy, nothing chewy, all mush all the time. In THIS house, this means one of two meals: canned Chef-Boyardee beefaroni or mac and cheese. Everything else requires chewing. I have to wait until my Coke goes flat and warm before I can drink it. It’s the idea that counts.

So. If I’m not peppy and entertaining, it’s all about the tooth. This one didn’t shatter, so I’m hoping it’ll heal fast.

We have three red leaves on the maple tree right outside my front window. I’ll try to take a pictures of it and take subsequent pictures as it changes color. It’s our only full-sized maple tree. The other trees that change color are the sassafras — they turn gold — and our Japanese Maple which turns a brilliant scarlet, but not until November. Otherwise, it’s all oak trees. They change to bronze and hold onto their leaves sometimes through the winter, depending on the weather. They are beautiful reflected in the rivers, but not very interesting from the back deck. They won’t even begin to change until late October although the lack of rain may change that. It’s hard to tell. I’m still hoping for unexpected rain. None is expected, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get some anyway.

I need a good autumn this year. It has been an awful year. A good autumn could really help!

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  1. Oh poor you, that tooth extraction sounds terrible. I hope it heals quickly, Marilyn. In the meantime, keep taking those lovely pictures of the gradual onset of autumn. The red leaves are beautiful.


  2. Just think of how pretty marvellous this late autumn will become in November, if all goes well!!!
    Judging from this post, your 30th wedding anniversary didn’t relly turn out to be a great ‘party’, did it? You can’t go out eating with a mouth full of blood, broken tooth particles and a swollen face. I had that with one of my wisdom teeth, I was literally out of the count for a good 5 days. Everything going wrong in the head is a special ‘headache’, it’s all too close to the brain.


  3. The tooth is out! What a relief. The hole will heal and the infection will clear up, and you should, hopefully, be feeling much better (and more chipper) in a few days. Meanwhile, rest up and make Garry take care of you.


  4. I’m overdue for the dentist but I’m going to wait until people stop dying from COVID-19, which might mean I’ll die of old age before my next dentist appointment. I hope your mouth feels better sooner rather than later.


  5. In 3-4 days you’ll feel better.


  6. I visit the dentist once or twice a year because I fear things like that, not because I love the dentist. Years ago my dentist’s father (same location) sent me down the street for braces. I did not like that at all. When my mouth stopped hurting, they twisted the wires tighter. Yeah, wires.


  7. Did the dentist tell you about tea bags — wet a tea bag, and bite down on it — it helps the pain! Sounds like an old wives’ tale, but it does work!


  8. Having teeth pulled is the worst! I feel your pain! I hope it heals quickly; meanwhile enjoy the coming of autumn!


  9. Best healing wishes to you, Marilyn. Trying times. Enjoy the colors.


  10. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Mouth wash – a good pinch of salt dissolved in a glass of tepid water for any lingering infection several times a day?


  11. The weather sure has changed fast. However, it was a beautiful day today.


  12. You have my deeply felt commiserations. Dental work is the worst. At least you have the leaves as a treat for your eyes. Feel better soon.

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  13. Deeply felt commiserations . I remember a similar experience years ago. Visits to dentists are among my worst memories, and I have been in a dentist’s chair since I was a child. The leaves are gorgeous. At least your eyes are getting a treat. Feel better.


  14. Spike, sorry about the tooth. I hope IT was the key to some of the physical “issues” you’ve had in recent days. I’m in the “on deck” circle for whatever I can do, get you today.

    Surely, you know you must feel better soon. We have an important day approaching VERY soon.

    You deserve a break today…..

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  15. Great title and that all goes together

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