An early autumn New England Friday. It’s still mild and the seasonal burst of colors is as slow as the Red Sox bats this year. It’s calm but you know it’s just a matter of time. We’re six weeks away from the storm better known as Election Day — local, state and, of course, national. Leaf peepers will be outnumbered by pollsters and campaign activists.

In our town, a solitary figure captures our eyes in the center of the quiet, little burgh.  You might almost miss him in the traffic around our only traffic light. A quick glance as I drove by prompted me to pull over and meet the chap. His negative Trump sign was very much a surprise given how the political wind blows around our valley. He was a local curiosity to say the least. During our brief conversation, I learned the Trump dissident was 70, a long time Democrat and a local, retired businessman who’s disenchanted with the state of our nation and the political persuasion of his neighbors. He’s muted his brains to the steady flow of Oval Office diatribes and the non questioning acceptance by many of the valley’s populace. I eyed the traffic as our conversation continued. They answered my question before I asked.

“I get many folks honking their horns in support”, the sign holder told me. “Matter of fact, most folks are respectful as they drive by. Even the cars with Trump stickers wave at me. Professional courtesy, I guess”.  He turned to get a closer look, size me up, I guess. “The only people who are nasty and rude?  White guys! White guys!   They go out of their way to give me the finger and yell unpleasant things”. He just shook his head. I nodded, indicating I wasn’t surprised.

I swapped a few personal things, including my past professional life as a TV news reporter. I told him I’d been through myriad political campaigns but nothing to compare with this year and this incumbent. We both shook our heads. I told him I wrote pieces for my wife’s blog and wanted to write something about him. I could see the curve of a smile beneath the edges of his mask. We exchanged a few more thoughts about our town and all those folks who saw the White House squatter as a hero and the victim of a lying news media. “I’m one of those enemies of the people”, I said loudly and my new friend shook his head in glee.

We both yelled “VOTE” as I walked away. And then, we saluted each other across the busy intersection.

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  1. Reblogged this on natshouseblog and commented:
    Will restore your faith in humanity in one simple act.

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  2. Hey Garry and Marilyn, as one enemy of the people to others, good stuff. Nice pics and story. Me thinks Trump is cooked, just waiting for the fork to let the juices out. Cooking a turkey tomorrow… hence the metaphor. FYI… not reading less, just keeping quieter. Thirteen more days ’til my new hip… then things will pick up. Typing hurts my butt, reading doesn’t. Rest assured Marsha and me always stay abreast of Serendipity every day. Cheers to all.

    Have finished RAGE… if you guys haven’t, do… will restore your faith that such a disgusting human being is really our president and not an effect of our old age.

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    • I feel like I ought to be out there WITH him. I am mortified, horrified, disgusted … and any other words you can come up with. We have been on this path to this nightmare for a long time and these days, I wonder if we have ever been a democracy. We’ve never voted without the interfering “electoral college.” We have never really trusted our electorate. Man of our presidents have been corrupt, but not corrupt ENOUGH, but even our best presidents were corrupt and that includes George Washington, Thos. Jefferson and good old Abraham Lincoln. And FDR.

      Most of them did it for what they believed to be the good of the country, but it has taken us down a road to where we currently are. If you allow the corruption, it eventually eats you and spits out the bones. I hope we win this election and get Trump out of office and things get better, but what ARE we? We aren’t a democracy and I’m not sure we ever were. We’ve let Trump steal us blind and appoint the worse possible people to the government — and STILL people support him. So who are we? What are we?

      I don’t know.

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      • Marilyn, I think we should repost this piece or maybe do a sequel with a revisit to the same location. See how our lone dissenter is holding up. Maybe get a few new quotes. Could look for other campaign signs to freshen piece. One way or the other, worth a second run. Look for Trump signs and Trump supporters in our friendly, little town where everybody knows your name.

        Vote early and vote often.
        Vermin Supreme


    • Nat, thanks, again, for the reblog and those kind words. We are, indeed, kindred spirits separated only by geography.
      Sorry to hear about the hip. An old friend, a former TV News cameraman with street creds, is now rehabbing from that hip surgery. Says it’s still a work in progress but is glad he did it. I hope your surgery works out for you.
      Kudos on the turkey dinner. Are you the Chef? Puts me to shame. I’m a kitchen Pilgrim but did manage a hamburger helper meal the other night for Marilyn who’s really feeling poorly. Does Marsha assist or oversee? Let me know how your efforts go.

      As for the White House Turkey, his gizzards are exploding.

      Enjoy the day and take it easy on the hip.


  3. Thanks for reporting some positive news connected with the upcoming storm…there are still some out there willing to stand up and fight. Good for him!

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  4. I’m wearing out my knees praying for Biden. A vote for him is a vote for the healing of our country. I have seen many Presidents since FDR in my life, but never before a would-be Nazi Emperor.

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    • I so hoped she’d make it through the elections. Now, we’ll have to do it without here. More’s the pity.


    • Patricia, when the sign holder said he was a weary 70 year old, I chuckled and told him “You’re a baby, I’m 77 plus and even wearier of these things”. We both chuckled.

      Patricia, you mentioned the passage of Presidents since FDR in your lifetime. I was just a toddler in FDR’s final years. My lineage would be Truman to the present. I echo your sentiments. I still cannot believe where we are on our journey through life. I say this as we mourn the passing of Justice Ginsburg. The sun is out but I cannot feel its warmth.


      • She is a tremendous loss to our country. I know Biden has his faults, but right now he’s our only hope.

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        • Patricia, I agree. We have to remember this as we go to VOTE. And, again, keep RBG in our consciousness as the days tick towards November.

          Hope you are having an enjoyable Sunday, Patricia. How are you passing the time?


          • Today i attended a short church service online with our pastor at The Little Brown Church that I attended before the virus. Peggy Lennon used to pick me up every Sunday morning and we would go to church and then to breakfast afterward. Other days of the week I spend time reading people”s blogs or attending animal communication classes or corresponding with friends online. I also do a lot of reading on my Kindle. The books are in large print that I need now that my eyesight is fading. I sold my car last month since neither my daughter nor I can drive anymore. We are dependent on friends now to bring us our groceries or to go to the doctors’ offices.
            How about you? Are you doing a lot of reading or writing?
            You live in such beautiful country, do you walk a lot to see the lakes or other scenery?


            • Everything is a bit far away for walking, but we do drive. Not as often as we should, but we do. We’ve been a bit down and bummed recently. Me with my messed up mouth and Garry because life sucks — and it really does. We depend on our son for most everything. And we are all weary.


  5. Good on him for getting out there and trying to make a difference.

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  6. Moment of change!

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  7. Like Ralph Mouth from Happy Days.., you still got it Bro!

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    • He went out for a container of potato salad. He got more than the salad.

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    • Bro, thanks. YOU wudda also talked this gent up. Just to offer a little appreciation and support. When he told me about the Trump supporters and their gutter gestures, it just confirmed my thoughts about some of the locals. More than just some, I wager.

      Happy Days? Where did they go? Put out a BOLO.


  8. Thanks for sharing this guy with us.. I’m honking from afar…

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