I had that kind of day. My old HDX 10 inch Kindle finally refused to work with any of the newer stuff they were sending down from Audible — AND my Blue-Tooth speaker started beeping when it was fully charged. It’s like a decade old, so its internal battery probably died. The company that made it was bought by Apple and now the same speaker — which cost me $25 cost $200 — the same speaker, really and they aren’t going to send me a battery. I tried to use my 8 inch much newer Kindle, but it had been sitting unused for too long and it wouldn’t work. It didn’t work all that well when it was new and it turns out, my eyes need a bigger screen.

Mine is considered “plum.” More like peach, but okay, I’ll take plum.

So I gave in and bought a newly recertified yet somehow brand new 10″ Kindle and everything was going fine until the download of all 1476 of my audiobooks. It was a mess. I couldn’t delete anything and it had lumped all the downloaded and non-downloaded books together and most of the things in the “downloaded” pile were never actually downloaded and wouldn’t play anyway. I thought I got it fixed this morning, but then I went to listen to a book and it punked out in the middle.

I was then disconnected who knows how many times from Audible’s tech department and when I tried to explain the problem, they had NO idea what I was talking about. To make things worse, most of them spoke with a heavy non-American accent which didn’t make explaining the problem any easier — for me OR them. The day wore on and I was cut off, hung up on, disconnected, put on hold (and no one came back) and all I wanted to do was listen to a book.

Finally, I got someone who actually figured out what a godawful mess my account really was. It turns out that I had three accounts under three different user names. One name I knew about. I wanted to merge those books with my other books, but was told they couldn’t because of some issue involving paying publishers something. Then there was a third account under an email address I have never used which included another 456 books, so between the three accounts, I actually got back books I didn’t know I still had … from like 2001. That was the good part. But It was a long, long day on the telephone. I was hungry and I had a headache. All I wanted was a Kindle that worked so I could listen to books. Is that too much to ask?

Eventually, we got all my accounts merged — a major miracle — and in theory, the problem is fixed. But when you have that many books, the problem is never really fixed. The Kindle was not designed to store that many books, so it’s pretty easy for the storage thing to go wacko. I’m adding an extra 64 GB mini-CD card which should help, but still, I have to be careful how many books I download.

They also sent me instructions on how to fix the storage if and probably when, it breaks again.

He was a really nice guy. Very tech savvy (and how grateful I was!) — and even through his Spanish accent, I could easily understand him. I think by the end he was having trouble understanding me. The more tired I got, the more incoherent I became. I know we have a world to save and a nation to salvage, but sometimes, these little things can stop us in our tracks. I need books. I can cope with almost anything as long as I can read and listen.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all plus a big helping of cynicism.

3 thoughts on “YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP”

  1. My basic model Kindle doesn’t do audio. In fact I am not sure if you can buy a Kindle that does in Australia. We don’t get all the same models available in the USA. That means I have to do Audible on the laptop. I know I’d use it more if I could have it on a Kindle, the laptop is kind of bulky to take to bed.


  2. OMG I know exactly what you’re talking about when trying to communicate with those heavy foreign accents. I’ve said it for years, and I’ll say it again…..The more technology, the less communication.
    I’m still trying to figure out my new Kindle. The one I had before was simple. This one isn’t. All I want to do is read the damned book! Instead, I get messages about connecting to the WiFi, which I do but evidently not. I wish my eyesight was better so I could just pick up a book and be able to read it.
    When it comes to those accents of the people trying to help, I am constantly asking them to slow down so I can understand them. They are always polite about it. I never had a problem when I was overseas, face-to-face with people. I could even figure out Cockney slang. But those days are long gone.


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