FOTD – September 23 – Early Autumn Foliage

It went from being brutally hot to cold in about four hours about a week ago. I finally gave in and pulled out the comforter and my feet are always cold. It’s not like I’m walking around in summer clothing. I’m wearing jeans, a long sleeved shirt AND a corduroy overshirt. I’m freezing and seriously thinking about turning on our brand new boiler. I hate turning on the boiler this early. I also hate freezing. Meanwhile, the birds are eating as if they’ve never seen food before. The dog always eats like that, but the birds tend to be a bit more restrained. Not this year. And we’ve having a super-year for acorns too. The top of our car is all dimpled from big heavy acorns falling on it. Owen is sure this means we are going to have bad winter. I don’t know anything anymore.

Our maple tree

More maple

Out the window

But we have some color in our leaves. And I processed a few pictures.

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  1. I do love to see autumn leaves, and your photos capture them so beautifully. I love the view from your window. As for the winter to come, the birds eating so ferociously would seem to hint at harsh conditions approaching, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 🙂


  2. Beautiful autumn leaves for today 😀


  3. Owen is right…. but then, what do we know any longer! We are now officially in autumn season but here we’re still enjoying glorious weather.

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    • Autumn is usually our best season. Warm by day, cool by night, low humidity and brilliant color. But this year, with virtually no rain here — but floods and fire everywhere else — it’s been a bad year. I hope it gets better soon. We have a lot of work to do on our climate.

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  4. We are getting some wonderful weather here at the moment. Maybe the leaves will stay for awhile too?

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    • Leslie, we are getting sunshine but it’s CHILLY – almost cold. We’ve taken out the sweatshirts, warm sweat pants, winter bed quilts and heavier jackets. Not sure how this affects the foliage. Maybe it WILL be a brief encounter. Get those autumnal color changes before they disappear like our favorite baseball teams.

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  5. I love maple trees, whatever the season…


  6. We have the beginnings here. It is getting cooler. I rarely feel the cold and am still in short sleeves and shorts. I seem to generate my own heat. Mr. Swiss starts to freeze when the sun doesn’t shine.

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    • I’m like Mr. Swiss. I do not like cold weather. I HATE it! My bones are rattling.


    • I used to be hot all the time, but something changed. Now I’m cold all the time, even when everyone else is hot. I hope we don’t have a really bad winter. We haven’t had a really seriously bad one since 2016. We’ve had normal winters with snow, but not huge amounts. But even when we weren’t in the middle of climate change, New England has had very erratic weather. You never know what you’ll get. Last year, we almost didn’t have any winter at all — no snow until March and then, not much. I suppose we’re due for a bad one. I hope not. Each year, the cold feels colder than the year before.

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      • My problem is being mobile in the ice and snow if we get it and I hope it will not be a bad Winter


        • Mobility in winter is always an issue, in any vehicle. For me, it’s just physically getting to the car from the house. It’s a long, uphill slide and I’ve fallen several times, including on my head at least once — which might explain a lot. We don’t even have sidewalks or streetlights out here, so since darkness comes very early, it gets dangerous to go anywhere.

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  7. There was a photo today taken from space that showed some brown edges in the green fields along a stream. Fall is definitely on its way!

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