We had hoped there would be more color in the trees. Our street is brilliant with color. In fact, our entire property is brilliant with color. The aspen are all golden, the maples are nearly scarlet and the sassafras are deep yellow with polka dots. Along the street, the colors are smashing. But compared to the sunflowers along the river at River Bend, well … there was no choice. The winner? Sunflowers — 100%!

At Riverbend

Along Blackstone someone planted these with a little placard.

More sunflowers

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  1. It’s the wrong lens…with the right pics…and it’s alright, yes — it’s alright with me. Oh, yeahhh!


  2. …..planted them with a little placard…. meaning please? I only know the word placard as the French word for a cabinet/wardrobe…. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t love sunflowers. They are the best.

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    • They were planted in memory of someone who passed. There were several bunches of zinnias and sunflowers, many of them a bit crumbly. Lack of rain. And it is the end of the season for these flowers too. There are floral tributes all over the valley to people lost to disease. It is sad.

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      • Thanks. But also what a beautiful way of remembering somebody dear to our hearts. I knew that from benches everywhere, very much so in the UK but also in France. I ‘shed’ a few tiny bulbs under a badly down-cut (I call it the ‘caretaker’s cut’) hazelnut bush, and just covered them with a bit of soil. I have very little hope that they’ll grow as the (not) caretakers have absolutely no idea of what they’re doing in the nature and murder trees and shrubs, shooting from the hips. My son, a landscape gardener, wrote to me when I sent him a photo of that poor mutilated hazel: ….auf Hüfthöhe Gartenarbeit erledigen ist halt ergonomischer und der Hasel ist ein gutmütiges Gehölz und verzeiht…. To execute gardening on hip-height is sadly quite ergonomic and hazels are a good-natured shrub and so forgiving!
        I’m glad that those sunflowers are thriving so beautifully – what a tribute! All those tributes just remind us that maybe we had a lucky escape so far.


      • I thought we had a good day for pics and a few minutes to chat with strangers.

        Nice to get out of the house while the weather is still decent.


  3. I just planted some. I hope they will be as nice.

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  4. Love them!


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