Sharing My World 9-28-2020

Where do you feel most at home? Please be more specific than “at home, doh” please. It could be a room in your home, a person, a location.

The left side of the reclining loveseat. It’s where I have all my “stuff” attached: battery chargers for my cameras, my computer, my computer backups, all the things into which everything else plugs. It’s where I sit where I write or process photographs … or write while Garry watches television (baseball I watch, football not so much).

Me and a camera, two matching Scottish terriers, and sunshine through the picture window.

It’s where I store the bills that need to be paid or other paperwork I need to address. If I put it into a drawer, I’ll forget it completely, so it has to be out. There are also both telephones — the  wi-fi phone that hardly works anymore and the cell phone which (mostly) works. A couple of cameras, a small pad so I can write up a grocery list. A container with all my CD cards in it. Antique Chinese porcelain bowls full of pens and my spare eyeglasses. A hat that says “Make America Intelligent Again” and a variety of paid bills that ought to be filed, were there anywhere to file them. This is my corner. I call it “home.”

Would you rather ride a bike, ride a horse, or drive a car?  

If my spine agreed, which sadly it won’t, definitely, absolutely, a horse. Lacking that, I’ll just stay here on the loveseat, if that’s okay with you.

What song would you sing on “Karaoke Night” (if you were forced to do so)?  

I have spent my life avoiding Karaoke night. Fortunately, there aren’t any in this town and Garry isn’t a bar crawler anymore.

Which place — University or life experience — best prepares you for life?

Well it sure as hell wasn’t college! That prepared me to become an academic — which I didn’t become, though I wouldn’t have minded. But I don’t like teaching, so it probably wouldn’t have worked out well. I can teach, mind you and when I did it, I was pretty good. But there was no joy in it for me. It required too much concentration on people. I am much better at concentrating on facts. Concepts. Ideas. People are harder for me. I get tired of focusing on people. It’s how come I never was “a boss.” I didn’t have that “boss’em around” temperament.

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  1. I love your description of Marilyn Mission Control 🙂


  2. (1) My computer, in my specially purchased comfy desk chair, where I write my blog, play videogames, pay bills, check the news, etc. – and sometimes even eat lunch or dinner. (2) I would love to ride a horse again (haven’t done so since my teens), but at my current weight I think the horse would protest; the car doesn’t care. (3) Trust me, no one wants to hear me sing anything – even my “Happy Birthday” is off-key. (4) Nothing prepared me properly for life – at least not for life in 2020.


  3. Your loveseat corner sounds heavenly, why not enjoy it? It’s home! I do have a weird question spun off of that though (because I have a loveseat ‘corner’ myself). How do you keep the cushion from compacting down and down until it becomes uncomfortable to set upon? I was switching sides, but the other side of mine doesn’t have room for even a TV tray for me to pile my necessary stuff on, so my loveseat is becoming very uneven… Tangent. Sorry. Thanks Marilyn so very much for Sharing Your World and a very beautiful and peaceful photo. It’s good to remember friends…


    • We don’t have a way to keep the cushions from collapsing. They just do that over time. But it took 14 years between purchases. We JUST bought a new one. In between, I bought some hard foam and cushion covers which helped. But for at least 12 years, it was pretty in decent to good shape. La-Z-Boy. Good foam.


  4. I’m not at home anywhere. Down here.
    In fantasy, a horse. In reality, a bike.
    You’re Only Lonely by J.D. Souther.
    Life. If they bother.

    Take Care.

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  5. A horse ride would be fun but I think it’s better to sit comfortably in a car.


  6. Definitely a horse! You have gorgeous country to ride in.


  7. Good answers Marilyn.


  8. Lovely post 🌹🌹🌹


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