Fandango’s Provocative Question #90

I’m glad you did the math on this one. I got lost somewhere in the squaring of numbers but numbers aren’t really my world. Actually, I’m not sure this IS my world. I watched the debate tonight and I’m not sure anything happened. We were hoping Kamala would tear out Pence’s throat, but sadly, that didn’t happen.

I don’t do blog awards. I remember when I got the first one and I was so excited! An award! Garry wanted to know if it came with hardware (that’s how he refers to statues, things that hang on walls or stand on shelves and have your name engraved on it) and I said “no.” He said if it didn’t come with hardware, it didn’t count. The only ones I do are challenges — mostly using photographs. They can be interesting especially if you have a big archive.

I think the awards are a nice touch to NEW bloggers who don’t have much of an audience. Until you realize it’s completely meaningless and most people think they’re sorta dumb, it’s nice to get any kind of recognition. I got lucky and got a surprisingly large amount of recognition pretty quickly as did you, but most people don’t have that experience. I think we both also rode the wave of political craziness when we began. I started right before Obama’s second run for office and you with the hysteria of Trumpty Dumpty.

Of course, we never imagined an EIGHT MONTH QUARANTINE — EIGHT FREAKING MONTHS SO FAR — or having a blithering idiot running the country. Is that blithering or blathering? I keep forgetting. Maybe it’s both? Our blithering, blathering idiot. Yeah. That says it.

So as for me, give me liberty or death, but not long lists of questions. Also, if people keep sending me these awards, I’m going to drive all of you crazy by actually sending you a nomination and demanding repeatedly that you send these out to 14 or 18 or 22 people … and make sure you send me a list so I know who got the nominations so I can badger them, too.

How do I feel about blog awards? The same way I feel about chain letters and Ponzi schemes. At my best, annoyed. At my worst, really annoyed.

Meanwhile, they keep telling us to get flu shots, but they don’t have the super flu shots Garry and I need because there’s a national shortage of the super senior flu shots … so please shut up about it already. They don’t HAVE THE SHOT. I’ll get one when they have one to give me. Sheesh.


Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all plus a big helping of cynicism.


  1. I sense this question today struck a sensitive nerve. Note to self: Do NOT EVER nominate Marilyn for a blog award. The resultant fall out would be massive. I thought when I read the title that you were a bit harsh, but I ‘get’ WHY you don’t like those award thingies. Just not your cup of recognition. You might be interested (or not) to know that the award (at least in my sphere) has mostly died out, NOBODY is giving out awards any longer in the blog circles in which I run. So I think you’re safe. God help the poor soul who tried to sell y’all a Ponzi scheme too. I think they’d be missing a limb or two, IF I read correctly.. (‘draw back a stump’ is how we put it out here when someone keeps pushing something unwanted on a body). Now I’m going to go write my acceptance speech for that lovely award you have on your post.


    1. I played for years. But one day, I just got tired of it. And the more you do, the more you get until you’ve got dozens of them lined up. I didn’t start blogging to run chain letters. If the awards actually meant something — like, for example, you really have a great blog — it might make a difference. But these don’t mean ANYTHING at all. They have nothing to say about the quality or quantity or value of your work. They are just space eaters. They were entertaining when I was very new and didn’t know anything, but after a few years of posting “I don’t do awards or nominations” and people STILL send them anyway, I have to wonder if they have even read anything on my blog at all. It’s like people who comment on a post after reading the first paragraph and miss the entire subject of the post. I don’t force anyone to read my posts. I don’t feel like being pushed into doing something I’ve clearly said I do not want to do. Sometimes a set of questions gets my interest, but usually I’ve got other things I want to say. Maybe that’s the difference between having done this for 8 years on WP and about 5? 6? on other sites that have since closed. When I have spare time? I’ll write. I’ll take pictures. I’ll (gasp) read a book or even play bridge online. WAAAAY at the bottom are lists of questions about something, usually trying to get personal information. Anyone who reads my blog has all the personal information they could possibly ever want or need. It’s more than I need and I wrote it.

      Mostly what I want is that people should notice that I’ve said: “I don’t do awards” and honor it. Use the awards for newbies who need a little positive PR. They won’t mind.

      Or as another example, “Please give photo credit to the photographer” and provide a pingback with a reblog or repost. It’s not that big a deal. I’ve had a lot of work stolen for no reason except laziness — and not reading the header. Considering all I ask for is a pingback or a photo credit, why steal it? You’ve got it for free anyway. I’ve given permission to use it with two very small requests that take no more than a few seconds to do. There are just an awful lot of people who seem to think that stealing other peoples’ work is perfectly okay. After all, it’s “just the internet,” right?


    1. Particularly if you like the person who sent it. But I’ve stopped doing them anyway unless I just feel like answering questions. I’ve posted it clearly so everyone knows I don’t do them. If you are sending them anyway, you are just getting what you should expect.

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