It didn’t last long, but at least it was there, however briefly. I didn’t think I took a lot of autumnal pictures, but between August and September, Garry and I too more than 3000 pictures, so I guess we were busier than we thought. I sometimes take a couple of hundred bird pictures in the morning, before coffee! In between the cooking yesterday, I got some great pictures of the last set of orange-billed Cardinals. Each set of fledglings look different than the others. The DNA in these birds is working overtime.

And I still have bunches of River Bend pictures from both me and Garry. So we’ll just celebrate fall a little while longer. It’s still “fallish” outside and the oak leaves are still green.

Categories: Autumn, Blackstone River, canal, Cee's Photo Challenge, Dams and Waterfalls, Flower of the day, foliage, Gallery, Photography

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  1. I love that bridge in the first shot — I don’t remember seeing that one before!


    • That’s the footbridge. It’s all wood and goes from the lawns near the museum (that’s the building that looks like an old barn which is exactly what it is) to the walking path on the other side of the canal. It’s a neat bridge. No need to dodge cars.


  2. The colours are magnificent Marilyn.


  3. Your autumn seems to get shorter every year.


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