Kinda full of Goldfinches

From late in December, they show up in flocks. They are gone now, off to Ontario where in November, they breed. When they come back, they won’t be the same bright yellow they were all summer. They won’t be in breeding colors. But they will still be a pleasure to have around.

A small flock of Goldfinches on the feeder


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  1. Beautiful. Don’t get them around here. At least I haven’t seen ’em.


    • You probably have some kind of finch. This one is more or less east coast through central US into Canada, but there are similar finches in Europe and Asia, so I’m sure you’ve got some in various colors. We have three — the house finch (red) who really came from the southwest, and the purple finch, who is bright red and hard to distinguish from the house finch. But finches are all over the world.


  2. Now that’s quite a photo capture.


  3. What a great photo! Both gripped on tight!


  4. Love this picture 🙂 our goldfinches are staying year round these days


  5. Great photos of the goldfinches!


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