If you didn’t believe before, believe now. I was waiting. I knew. It had to be. I’m surprised it took this long, but finally, we’re here. Is this another media hoax? If 45 should die, would that be a SUPER media hoax? The ultimate media hoax? I know I’m should be praying for the welfare of the ill, but I don’t have it in me to get that “angelic” look you see on statues in the cemetery. I wish I could. I’m sure that would make me a better person, but I never claimed I was perfect.This definitely proves my imperfection. No matter how I look at it, this man deserves this disease. As does Melania. As do the remainder of his wretched crew. Those helpers in his horrific destruction of our environment, courts, political, and legal systems. He has stolen our money, allowed — ENCOURAGED — more than 200,000 people to die of COVID-19.

It didn’t have to be this bad. Whatever it is, however it goes, this man earned it.

Because of his last “rally,” all his big contributors are also in quarantine. You think these donors might possibly be reconsidering if they still feel like giving him a ton of their money? Or — any? The GOP doesn’t even have a “back-up” candidate — and I don’t think Ivanka or Jared are getting anyone’s nod. So who? Pence? Really? Would anyone vote for him even if he ran? The Big Orangeman’s cult followers are not Pence followers. Orangeman isn’t the GOP. It’s just this guy and he is sick. Even if he recovers, how long will he be sick? So far it’s mild, but it’s always mild at the beginning, often for a couple of weeks. Then it gets worse and sometimes, even worse than that. Which of his crazed followers is going to want to stand maskless by his bedside now? How far does their worship really go?

No one begged for this illness more than Trump. He has literally ranted to the heavens to “bring it on.” Somehow, when you beg the universe to “sock it to me,” you generally get socked. I don’t know who, what, or why the universe is how it is, but if I had anything to say about it, I would feel that those who beg for trouble should be allowed to experience it.

Now, we all wait and see how it develops. He’s old. He’s obese. Rumors of heart problems abound. He has the worse diet in the world. He has done much evil to many people and these folks are not rooting for his welfare. How could they? So perhaps the heavens are speaking. We are listening. We hope for the best and in this case, “the best” is what?

What is the best for me, for us, for those poor locked up immigrant children? For the earth and the seas and the water we drink and the air we breathe. And incidentally, for “the man who would be king.”

I’m not sure what “best” is giving all the individuals involved, from the poorest to the wealthiest. You don’t know either. His death could be best. His illness and recuperation might be best. The fear of the disease itself might in itself be best. I am so very, very glad I am not in charge of the “what’s best.” I bet you are equally glad. If there is a God, do your thing, whatever it may be. I’m just thrilled to not be the one making the decisions. No matter how much you believe in whatever you believe, it can be a hard to figure what a guy like “the man who would be king” deserves. As long as I am not in charge of dispensing this piece of karmic dogmatic justice, go Karma and all that this implies!

As “the man who would be king” said, keep your finger on the trigger. Stay locked and loaded. Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.

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  1. I’m taking a page from Beau of TFC, because I wrestled with what I feel about all this the past two days. I despise Dump, and have since before the election.

    However, I don’t want the virus to win. I want him to get better, and live. At least til the polls close and the final election results are in. I want to see him get the results and [insert not-impossible dream sequence here] find that millions voted against him. And I mean like tens of millions, so many that no state’s gonna have that “too close to call” crap for him to whine about. I want that because there was something bugging me about all this, and the fact is that if a virus takes him, then Dump supporters and Dump-ism still lives on. They won’t go away, they won’t stop, because they think everyone else is silently with them except for the “loudmouthed libs”. I want them and Dump to know that no, the rest of the country wants our democracy back (and to fix it, of course). Not hateful, divisive regression.

    I’ve got every finger and toe crossed. We’ve got 30 days and change til the voting stops, and I want him to lose and know he lost badly, in a way he can’t possibly spin that can be taken seriously by anyone and even his fixers in congress have their hands tied. I really want that.

    Funny how I’ve been wondering about the Pence thing for days, but you’re the only person I’ve read so far that mentioned Dump supporters and Pence at all. I wonder what they even think about him, because I don’t recall any mentions. It’s always god-emperor Dump for them. Hmm…

    Be well, all.


    • I completely agree with you for exactly the same reasons. I don’t need him to be anyone’s martyr. He needs to get dismantled and removed and preferably sent off to a nice white-collar prison for the rest of his life. Nothing like those big ugly ones, but definitely where he can’t dine daily on Mickey D. If people get out there and vote, it could happen.

      I’m not sure Pence even HAS any fans in the Trump camp. He’s just there to keep the second seat warm.


  2. Only time will tell if it’s real or a hoax. I keep thinking “Wag the Dog.” I wouldn’t wish the virus on anyone, but as the first Chinese spokesperson said, “[h]e paid the price” – if, in fact, he really does have COVID-19. Either way, he’s getting all the attention he wants right now.


  3. I feel for the staff who now must look after this man in hospital. The staff who have been working around the clock, under duress, and dealing with so much as this joke of a leader led his people down the yellow brick road into Covid.

    I feel for the White House staff who cook, clean tend all the needs of this family. These hard working people who have now been put at risk by this buffoon and his its nothing attitude! Their families are at risk now too. I can not imagine what the 200,000+ familes and friends of those who have died will be thinking, or can I.

    keep safe


    • This was inevitable. I’m surprised it too THIS long. There are a lot more sick people too. Senators, congresspeople, Secret Service employees. Almost everyone on his election crew is sick including Guiliani and Christie … and sadly, a few reporters. The president has his very own super-spreader event.


  4. I read of this late last night and my first thought was that it was a hoax to get him out of debating Biden again after the disaster the other day. This morning I read he was in hospital but they say he is not that sick and can still work. I admit that I not only would not be sorry if he died but would actually be glad. If he recovers from this it will reinforce his belief that Covid-19 is nothing much to worry about so I hope that he has it really badly. Sorry if that makes me sound a bad person but he deserves it.


    • Probably. Let’s hope he at least has a VERY serious “I’m going to die” kind of case. Not that it will make him think about his life and what it all means. The man is hopeless. Let’s just hope that the voters recognize that COVID isn’t a hoax.


  5. It really is no surprise that he got it. But did he really has covid or it’s just another hoax?


  6. I’m afraid that if he only got a mild case he would continue denying that it’s a big deal. He may even start promoting a toxic “cure.” It could lead to more deaths. He should at least get a good scare – not die just come close enough to stop downplaying it.

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    • I agree he deserves a good whacking and a bad enough case to make him think seriously about we the (his) people and his role in our world. Is that even possible? Is the man capable of thinking? Who knows? I guess we’ll find out.


  7. And here we are thinking this could be a hoax, which makes perfect sense when you consider who we are thinking this about.


  8. Perfectly said. Wouldn’t change a word, but I’d add something. “I don’t really care, do you?”

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    • I do care. I just am not sure exactly what it is I care about. I literally don’t know what “best” is right now. Would his illness and recovery be better than death? I’m “up” with punishment. He deserves a good whacking. But from there to … ??? I REALLY wanted to see him extracted from the White House in shackles or something as close to that as the big Universe can manage. Barring that, I think I will let the powers that be take over. This is WAY beyond me.

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  9. Karma is really this πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ


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