It wasn’t a bad day. More, it was a day when it’s over, you wonder if you accomplished anything. There were so many stops and starts and lots of phone calls and running up and downstairs … did I do anything? I did take a few pictures but haven’t had time to process them.  The rain is close to ending. It was a good rain. Much better than was promised. I know a lot of people resent a day without the sun, but we’ve had a lot of sun and that is why we need the rain.

Our nor’easters are essentially “local hurricanes.” Storms come in from the ocean and start to spin. They don’t move. So if it’s rain, there’s flooding. In the winter, we’ve gotten as much as three or four feet of snow before it finally breaks up. With the contractor working, there was a strong sense of pressure to get finished before the weather moved in. Then, there were phone calls. I’m checking out other medical insurance. I should have made the calls earlier in the week, but I had to make them today.

Mumford River

Meanwhile, it’s the world series but I think they are going to cancel the American League Pennant because of the weather. A glitch in Garry’s baseball channel went on for hours and entailed a prolonged wait on hold for tech support. To learn, as I suspected, they were having problems. The baseball channel has a lot of problems, but if you want to watch baseball, gotta have it. I needed to fix Garry’s broken email too — which wasn’t difficult but took a long time. Warning! Delete old emails! If you don’t, eventually your email server stops serving and goes on strike.

The contractor did a GREAT job on the house. He’s still here. It is a real improvement. No more rot and no more of that sloppy, moldy old door … and the front door is finally insulated and nicely finished. It needs a new painting, but I think maybe it’s too late.

Tomorrow, we have to take the car in because somehow, one of the two latches that keep the hood in place broke off. No accident or anything. It’s just gone. It’s not a big deal driving a few miles into town, but a longer trip could cause serious damage. Meanwhile, since both Garry and I have doctor appointments next week at UMass, their automated equipment calls every day for each appointment. They are such long calls, too. I feel a powerful need to go edit their electronic phone calls.

None of this sounds like a big deal and it wasn’t a big deal, but It was busy and fragmented. On my agenda for tomorrow was explaining to the doctor that Garry’s has run out of hydrochlorothiazide because The Duke ate the container. Duke doesn’t (fortunately!) eat the pills. Just the plastic container. And any wood he can wrap his jaws around. I have a lot of canine antiqued wood furniture. Duke is not the first wood-chewer in the household. Only the most recent and enthusiastic.

Wood-Eating Duke

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all plus a big helping of cynicism.

17 thoughts on “FRAGMENTATION”

  1. We are almost ready for the World Series. The Tampa Bay Rays are the American League champs ands can no longer claim to be underrated. Dodgers versus Braves tonight for the NL Pennant. Dodgers and their Hollywood following need to get to World Series and win. Anything less and they are officially overrated. Win or lose, Mookie Betts is playing like the “five tool” all star who slipped away from Boston. Cannot root against Mr. Betts.

    Jose can you see….


    1. I dreamed last night that I wanted to adopt a chicken, but was worried that Duke might get excited and eat him. I don’t think I ever resolved the issue. I don’t think the Duke would eat a live chicken, but it’s hard to know. Is he a killer? He wants to be, but so far, he hasn’t shown any inclination to ferocity.

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    1. Frankly, if we didn’t have a car, our expenses would be significantly lower between the insurance and maintenance. But without grocery deliveries and doctors all over the county and no public transportation, it’s a car or waiting for the insurance to arrange for pickup and drop off — which they will do — but it is very slow and hard to coordinate doctor visiting time with their vehicle’s comings and goings. But I would HAPPILY not have a car at this point. I don’t drive anyway and Garry only drives when he has to and rarely any further than town — about 2-1/2 miles away. About twice a year we go visit Tom & Ellin, take the dog to the vet, and a few times go out to take pictures. This year, we’ve barely driven at all. It’s the lack of any alternate means of transport and the lack of deliveries (except for Amazon). OTHER towns have deliveries, but for probably financial reasons, we don’t. We are too small for them to make money on it.

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  2. Yes you certainly need to get that hood fixed. Once Naomi didn’t shut hers properly so the latches did not catch. She went out and just as she got to the main highway the bonnet flew open. She was very fortunate that she was going slowly and was able to get off the road safely. The bonnet was wrecked and the car off the road for about three weeks. I’m just relieved that it wasn’t a worse accident.


    1. We could hear it rattling, so we knew something was wrong. And the hood was sitting funny. Finally, the dealer admitted since they were the only people who had been under the hood that it was their fault anyway and they should fix it. We knew that, but getting them to admit it was aggravating. I was worried that the single latch was going to break and we’d have the same scenario as Naomi. That can cause a great deal of expensive damage!

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    1. the most important ones are done, but there is one big one left — replacing the deck. That is going to have to wait because we have to pay off what we have already done and we have too many loans to get more. But at least we have functional doors, a heating system the works, and none of the windows are falling out. AND we have gutters! That’s a lot!

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