We all know by now that Trump is a malignant narcissist. He’s an anti-masker. He’s anti social-distancing. He downplays the danger and severity of Coronavirus even though he has had it himself. He makes fun of people who are responsible and follow “the guidelines” to protect themselves and others against the virus.

I never thought narcissism could predispose people to be risk death in a pandemic. To become “anti-maskers” and COVID-19 rule breakers too. Several recent studies concluded that narcissistic behavior has likely contributed to noncompliance with public health standards during this pandemic. You can see narcissistic tendencies in people who feel that they are special and believe sensible rules don’t apply to them. Narcissism underlies and heightens their lack of caring about others. These are people who focus on their “rights” or their “inconveniences” rather than recognizing that obeying these rules helps other folks as well as the community as a whole.

According to psychologists, narcissists characteristically lack empathy. They feel grandiose and entitled. They do what they want, so if what they want is contrary to what the rules allow, they ignore the rules. These antisocial traits predispose large swaths of the American citizens to refuse to adhere to safety health measures –like mask-wearing, social-distancing and avoiding large groups. All of which have been put in place to limit the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

Rhetoric from all of the COVID rule-breakers highlight stunning examples of lack of empathy along with feelings of entitlement. Statements like “I don’t have to” and “You have no right to tell me what to do,” even if it’s for the common good, are typical. The rage, oppositionality, and childlike petulance are characteristic of narcissists. Somehow, you’d think actual life-and-death danger might make even narcissists stop and think about the potential effects of their behavior, but apparently not.

The U.S. is known to have higher levels of narcissistic personalities than other western democracies and no one knows why. Maybe it’s the nature of the people who came here from other places? No one is surprised that these personality issues have kept America from effectively minimizing the spread of the Coronavirus. We have actually been among the worst countries in controlling the virus and have among the highest rates of both infections and deaths — and since England is right in there with us, maybe that’s the common factor?

Perhaps the take-away from our dismal handling of this worldwide crisis is if we want to accomplish anything nationally in our future, we need to address the narcissism of a substantial block of our population.

To move forward, we need cooperation from the majority of our citizens, To make meaningful inroads into some of the attitudinal and other social issues we face — such as racism, sexism and homophobia — we’ll never eliminate these problems when more than a third of the country are reluctant to address their prejudices and refuse to be told what to think or do.

Unless most people are willing to accept majority-held values based on science, statistics, research, and facts, we’ll continue to butt our heads against these self-built walls for generations to come. It’s not a pretty picture.

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  1. Funny how “My body, my choice” is fine for anti maskers but not for pro lifers.


  2. Many are narcissists, but if you’re seeing the ones I’ve run across, they have no right to think of themselves as such. Pasty faced, white, and usually overweight. Why would they think a mask would detract from their.., uh.., good looks? The way I see it is, a mask could sorta be a good thing as in “Who was that masked man?” Well it ain’t the Lone Ranger….


  3. Funny how they don’t seem to notice that this is a public health issue and hopefully quite temporary.
    Their body, their choice, right? Well, try that when you’ve got a full blown flu and you walk into the office and stay the whole day, sneezing and hacking all over the place. I’m pretty sure if one co-worker calls off because you got them sick, your boss will have every right to chew out your sorry rear about being a biohazard and not taking responsibility.

    Funnier still how they don’t make that leap when so many take the old Dump line of “it’s not much different than the flu.” Ugh.


  4. How chilling and how true. I had a relative (who died this year, thankfully) who was a narcissist. I do see the similarities in those idiots who refuse to mask because it’s “a subversive plot to take away OUR freedom” and my deceased relative. No empathy for others, intense self-absorption, and lack of caring about anything that doesn’t directly concern them. Awful.


    • I never realized how many narcissists there are in America and how devastating that is for our politics and our society. On an individual, personal level, they can be a pain to deal with, but as a group, they destroy the cohesion that keeps societies together nd functioning well as a unit.


  5. Having lived with a narcissist (NPD), it is extremely unlikely that some of the non-mask wearing Trump supporters will change. For those that are still reachable, it is going to take a lot of work to start changing minds and attitudes in order to have a more caring and selfless society. For those that do care and love people no matter what, we have to be louder, proactive, and a constant drone of kindness. And I hope that we never ever have another Trump-like President again.


    • A sad fact about narcissists is that they can not see their own narcissism. So they are very hard to reach and almost impossible to change. It’s unlikely we’ll ever see such a classic malignant narcissist as Trump in high office again – there just can’t be that many people who have literally every symptom in the book for the disorder, and all at high volume!


  6. Ok I’ll try again. Trump could be the poster child for narcissism.


    • Trump IS the poster child for narcissism! He will be taught in psychology classes all around the world as the perfect example of every single symptom of the disease. They could teach a whole class in narcissism just using Trump’s behavior and words.


  7. Really strange, but they refused to post two of my comments. Let’s see if this one works.


    • Actually they posted both. Just late. The whole internet is late.

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      • These are the dumb and dumber disciples of Lord Donzo.


        • It’s just scary to realize how many there are out there! They are toxic for any society and I fear they will make eradicting the Coronavirus impossible in America. I’ve read that ‘Covid fatigue’ has set in with people who have been with the program up to now, so we’re losing some of the rule followers as we go forward. Just when we need more of them! The COvid deniers and anti maskers will destroy any efforts the rest of us make to get a handle on this virus.


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