After we got through my explaining that it wasn’t because I was trying to export all my files, but actually 10 months — from January 2020 to today — they wanted me to take a picture of it. But you can’t. These are not capturable files. So here is the whole thing and also, my last explanation to WordPress about how I feel. Because in recent years, I gave up trying to talk to them.

This is the export file and its name:

Inside is:


Then (I had to just type this since I can’t copy or paste it):

(folder) teepee12.wordpress-2020-20-10_30_46

Within that there  are files to be extracted which I can’t copy or paste. These are ridiculously long XML files that Windows says it cannot extract because the file names are too long.

The “topmost” file is:


and inside these are files under the heading:


are all the XML file which need to be exported to another platform and then imported by a different application. Since Windows 10 won’t even open the file because the file titles are too long, there’s nothing I can do. My photo capture device won’t work on this screen nor can I get Photoshop to open it.

All I can do is save it, but after that, it’s useless. Your export file won’t export or import or even extract its files. This is not a file of all my years but files for one year.

Since I can’t copy and paste the file, here’s the link, but it’s a link to MY file. Nonetheless, I’m pretty sure you can create a one year file from my site if you need one. Anything else with which I can provide you, I will.

I hope this makes more sense to you than it does to me. I would shorten the name of my site — in fact, I HAVE shortened the name — but it still includes the previous name which was extended from my original name (which was just “Serendipity,” but you failed to protect it) and thus I had to create a name no one else could possibly have.

Funny, but I thought when I chose the site name, it was mine because it had to be unique. I thought it was YOUR job to protect it. Who knew that 6 years after I started blogging, you’d decide to redesign your database and one of the many things you’d dump would be our website names. That was the original betrayal and one of many reasons why I can’t work with you. You took all the best parts of the contract I signed when I customized, removed them, and put them in a more expensive business package for which a retired writer like me has no use OR the money to pay for.

You betrayed us. I understand you weren’t rich enough and now you need to become commercial so you can get richer. Reality may turn out to be different.

It was your writers and artists who drew people to WordPress. They discovered you because of us and as you dispose of us, you will dispose of the only thing you had going for you that none of the other commercial sites had: creative people and their input.

There are plenty of commercial sites. You’re moving into a new league and running against organizations like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

As I round the corner to a million hits this week, I am deeply saddened that your arrogant little techies talk to me like I am some kind of child while they exhibit zero understanding of what it was that made WordPress special. They are kids. They have never written or edited a post or added artwork or photography to a written piece. They think they are very smart, but they have created software that NO ONE who actually writes or creates art for a living would use.

None of your creative users were consulted on this product and being told “tough luck, you’ll just have to learn to like it” is unacceptable. I don’t have to learn it and I won’t. I am a CUSTOMER. Surely I deserve at least a degree of respect from these arrogant, snide “happiness” engineers.

I’m pulling out when my current annual payment ends in early February. I will export these files if you can figure out a way they can be made functional. If I can’t export them — which since I own my material — I should be able to do, I will have a monumental task to copy and paste so many pages. I should not have to do that. If you cannot make your export files usable — and remember, it’s WINDOWS 10 that won’t allow them to be used, not an importing product; Microsoft is the company who specifies your file names as non-viable.

I’m told it’s possible to get in touch with Microsoft’s engineers, though I can’t tell you how. Maybe they’ll fix Windows parameters to match the length of your file names?

Marilyn Armstrong

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  1. I’m so sorry you’re having such issues with the XML export file. If you’ve managed to extract the zip file on your computer, that’s it. You won’t be able to further extract individual posts from that XML file. It’s always been a machine-readable file, not human readable, which you can then import to another blogging service or something like blogbooker/fastpencil. If you can’t even open the ZIP file, then that might be worthwhile heading to the MS support site or forums. But then I’ve only had one cup of coffee this morning so maybe I’m not getting my head around this.


  2. My goodness! O_o My sympathies to you. I do not understand what the hell is going on with that, but you’ve provided some of us with a heads up. If it’s worth saving, copy and paste it into a format you can save (I use Word). I then download the precious cargo onto a thumb drive. I sure ain’t trusting my ‘happiness’ to those engineers… Thanks for that!


  3. When my sister-in-law got ahold of Microsoft one time they got her credit card and started charging her for services never rendered. Be careful Marilyn.


  4. This is similar to what happened at my old job. Before I retired, there was kind of a mass exodus of people retiring/quitting. Our company owner passed the business over to this son. Son wanted to make it his own so all of a sudden, our IT Department grew tremendously. Every day there were emails about a new program we were to begin using. There were a lot of us old-timers at the company and all this new info was being thrown at us. If we asked for help, we had to create a ticket and wait for an engineer to try to explain it to us. It became too much for several people who just gave up and retired. And yes, the IT Department was younger people who were not keen on providing any sort of hands on training. Happiness Engineers? They really need to change that name. Good luck with this, Marilyn. But I really wish you would stay on WP.


    • They need to — at a MINIMUM — make their “new” software work for people who use it, not for developers and programmers. Otherwise, it’s just too much work. The blockhead format is not ready for prime time. It’s NOT FINISHED and it doesn’t address half the problems it needs to address. Probably if they actually consulted with USERS, they could fix it, but they think they know everything. As long as I can access a more or less normal format I’ll hang around, but in February, I have to come up with the money or give up — and money is a problem. I pay it but In return, I want a usable service. Also, everyone has to recognize that many of us retired folks are getting on in years.

      Being forced to work twice as hard to write a simple post is not fair, at least not for me. I already work hard on them and to be told by one of these infant developers that I’ll “just have to learn to use it” no matter HOW I feel is insulting. This ISN’T my job. They don’t pay ME. I pay THEM. It never seems to occur to them that the people they are insulting are CUSTOMERS.

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  5. There must be away to create a readable file from a wordpress xml file. I was able to create both Word and PDF files when I exported my old Blogger and TypePad posts when I moved to WordPress.

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