A Photo a Week Challenge: Cityscape

Always my favorite part of shooting in Boston was getting up high enough to get a real view of the city. I got my best view from the hill on which the New England Baptist Hospital sits: Mission Hill. In case you are interested, until the American Revolution, Mission Hill supported the large country estates of wealthy Boston families. Much of the area was an orchard farm, originally owned by the Parker family into the 18th century. Peter Parker married Sarah Ruggles, whose family owned large areas of land (her name is the name of Roxbury’s main street) including most of what became known as Parker Hill (now renamed Mission Hill). Parker’s life ended when a barrel of his own cider fell on him.

Fenway park in the background from Mission Hill.

Then, there was that wonderful wedding on the 66th floor of a building near the Boston Wharf. I couldn’t get as good a picture as I wanted because there was glass everywhere. And I didn’t have a camera because well, it was a wedding and all I had was a phone and not a very good one at that. Still, I couldn’t not take pictures with a view like that.

60 State Street, Boston, Massachusetts

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  1. I love the treatment on the 66th floor photo. Lovely view!


    • It was breathtaking. I with I could have gotten some shots without the reflective window in the way.

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      • I fully understand that feeling. There is an office building on the block next to the LDS Salt Lake Temple that has an observation deck on the 13th floor overlooking Temple Square. It’s a spectacular view during Christmas when the Temple and Square are lit for the season, but the glare from the windows make it really hard to get a good shot with a camera.


        • They keep the windows absolutely clean, but the glare never goes away, not even at night. Maybe if the indoor lights were off. Since there are people inside, that isn’t going to happen. Also, it was not a great phone or even a decent phone, so I started with a crappy camera, bad lens, AND glare. I did as good a job as I could, but what a lot of work it was! Still, it has got to be the best view of Boston you can get without a helicopter and if I’d known about the view, I’d have brought a real camera anyway.

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