Something of the kind who like to peck wood

I’ve been watching this family of woodpeckers remove almost all the bark on one side of a catalpa tree that shades our deck. I have to assume that the tree had a bug issue because they don’t randomly choose a tree and beat it up. If there’s nothing to eat, they aren’t interested. So if they are pecking on your house? You should get someone to look at your house because an expert thinks you’ve got an infestation. These are the bigger woodpeckers, the hairy woodpeckers. And this one is Mrs. Hairy Woodpecker because she doesn’t have a red patch on her head. Her guy showed up a little later, but by then I’d taken out the chip and put it in my reader. I got some nice — square — pictures of the missus.

Good morning, Mrs. Hairy Woodpecker

Mrs. Hairy and companion nuthatch

I love the way these guys lay down on the ledge of the feeder. They get very serious about eating seeds!

I have a few more pictures, so you can expect to see Mrs. Hairy again tomorrow. We are between birds right now. The summer birds have either migrated or flown off to Canada to breed (why go NORTH to breed?), and the winter birds haven’t shown up yet. When I see the juncos, I’ll know winter has come.

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  1. They’re such amazing birds, and you have so many types in the US. Wonderful


    • We do have a lot. Not so many at the moment, but as I said, we are between the summer and winter birds. By December, the winter birds will be here — and the Goldfinch will be back. By March we’ll have robins, blue birds, Carolina Wrens, and House Finches. All the year round, we have woodpeckers (three kinds), Cardinals — ours appear to be Orange — doves, Chickadees and Tufted Titmice. Oh, also Blue Jays and a variety of hawks and owls (but not at the feeders). I’m not sure if flying squirrels count as birds. You think?. You never see hawks at the feeder.

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  2. Haha – I love the caption for that last pic!

    She does look very serious about getting her grub indeed


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