Share Your World 10-27-2020

There’s a pumpkin for every taste

It’s hard to believe that we are ending the tenth month of this year. One helluva year. We never imagined it would be this bad, this long, this ugly, this scary. Anxieties are high and many of us are afraid to relax because something bad might happen. This has been that kind of year when every time you think all the worst things that could possibly happen have already happened, something unimaginably worse pops out of 2020’s jack in the box.

So … here are the questions du jour:

What’s the tallest building you’ve been to the top of?

Probably 60 State Street in Boston on the 66th floor. I lived in New York and we had taller building, but I never went up in them. No reason. I just didn’t go there. I have been to the very top of some very big roller coasters. They aren’t the height of sky scrapers, but they feel taller because in a minute you are going to be diving down that hill.

60 State Street, Boston, Massachusetts

And I’ve stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon which is an amazing, awe-inspiring experience. It’s not a building, but it’s pretty high to the Colorado River way down below.

Grand Canyon

What do you do to keep fit?

Nothing much. With the massive arthritis in my spine and the detached state of my breastbone, just walking around is hard work. And then there’s cooking and cleaning. Can never quite get away from that.

What’s your jack-o-lantern carved to look like?

No Jack-O-Lantern now. I used to carved fun faces back when Kaity lived here and then, later, she carved fun faces for me. But there’s no point these days. We don’t get trick-or-treaters here, so there’s no one to enjoy it and this year, there seemed little reason to bother.

Do you have hope or have you lost it?

I always have hope. What you really need to ask is whether or not I have any optimism. I’m a little weak on that. I live in hope, but until good things happen, I don’t count on them.

Feel free to share something you’re grateful for!

Let’s wait until AFTER the election. If things go well, I will have a lot for which to be grateful. Meanwhile, I’m just holding my breath and living in hope.


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  1. Thanks Marilyn for Sharing Your World! Housework and cooking count as ‘exercise’ dang it! That and walking Ziggy some times are my fitness regime of choice. So congrats. You ARE doing your bit for your health! 😉 I loved the photos, but then I really admire your skill, that banner photo of all the gorgeous pumpkins was so beautiful! The little jack-o-lanterns you shared were very cute (even if one was pukin’ it’s punkin’ guts out) LOL. I think the collective nation (those with any sense at least) are holding their breath until November 4th. Let us hold fast to a brighter future. I hope. Thanks again for providing me a reason to be grateful.


    • The puking pumpkin was a Kaitlin special.

      I am really sorry I didn’t get out more to take pictures. It has just been such a bummer of a year, my inspiration just wasn’t there. I’m trying to remember that the asshole might yet wind up back in the WH, so I need to have an emotional “Plan B.” I truly loathe him, but life goes on and we all need to figure out how.


  2. Just look at those magnificent pumpkins! I’m thinking a lot of pies there…


  3. “I’m just holding my breath and living in hope.”–you and me both. This feels like way more than the average person should be expected to handle.

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  4. We need hope to live well. I do hope you’ll have good things to share after 3 November


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