Ten reasons why Halloween and Thanksgiving are better than Christmas

It’s funny. Right now, laughing is the only thing left that makes me feel better. More funny, less tragic.

The Chatty Introvert

I almost made this all about Halloween, but I’d already tackled why Halloween was so great before. I figured I’d better put Thanksgiving with it, which gave me more ammo to work with. So, onward from least to best (my version):

10.  The color schemes are more earthy, nice, and don’t blind you unnecessarily.

Halloween’s got it’s black and orange for the most part, but other colors can play along, and they’re mostly the darker colors like purples and blues meant to replicate night. Nice. And the red’s a dark red for obvious reasons. Oooohhhh…

Thanksgiving doesn’t really have its own scheme, but kinda continues on Halloween’s. But when I see Thanksgiving, I see harvest time, the browns, the oranges, reds, golds… it’s just lovely without being overly intrusive and annoying.

Of course, “Thanksgiving” and its color scheme are being shoved further back each year (ugh). Seriously, by the time…

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  1. We often have snow on Halloween. 50/50. Not like in California where things are like Mardi Gras.


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