I promise not to do this every day, but I’m enjoying watching the numbers get bigger. I’m at 1,001,426 Hits and I think I should get a few days to enjoy it.

That’s a lot of hits. It was also a lot of writing and more than 100,000 photographs (but not all of them have been posted). Today, I can tell how much writing I’ve done because my hands hurt. They are screaming “too many hours on a keyboard.” My right shoulder agrees. If you’re wondering why I’m not writing much, that’s why. My hands are suffering from a high level of Repetitive Motion Syndrome. My brain is too, but I have discovered I can’t slap a lidocaine patch on my brain. Or my hands. So, only my shoulder gets the benefits.

I should be popping champagne or something, shouldn’t I? Ought this not be a celebration? I’m pleased, but I supposed I knew that it was coming and finally, it did. I’m grateful to have gotten here, especially since when I started, I never imagined come so far. It was unimaginable. This year — the 2020 year — has taken a lot of the bubbles out of my brain. I think everyone else has lost a few bubbles too.

My birthday was March 11th and Massachusetts went into lockdown on March 12th. Since then, we’ve been home, pretty much all the time. Two dogs died during this period — both of our Scottish Terriers. I lost 10 pounds because I’m so bored with my own cooking. I suspect so is everyone else, but they’re grateful I cook and they don’t usually have to. Owen cooks when he’s home, but Garry merely eats. He eats well. If you can’t be a cook, be a good eater. At least the person making the food gets to enjoy your gusto at meals.

A million views. On Saturday, October 24, 2020. Eleven days before what might be our last free election. We (Garry, me and Owen) all listened to a book of doggerel poetry written and read by John Lithgow. It was surprisingly good. I saw him talking about it on Colbert’s show. It sounded like something we would enjoy.

Trumpty Dumpty Wanted a Crown: Verses for a Despotic Age
By: John Lithgow
Narrated by: John Lithgow

Series: Dumpty Series, Book 2
Length: 1 hour and 17 minutes

Following the success of his New York Times best seller Dumpty, award-winning actor, author, and illustrator John Lithgow presents a brand-new collection of satirical poems chronicling the despotic age of Donald Trump. It’s pretty good and rather clever. I figured we should listen to it before the election, in case the election goes sideways and all I want to do is hide under the bed for the next who knows how many years. It’s also available in print, but this is one that really works as audio because the reader wrote them and he’s a pretty good reader.

I may not be running for anything, but I have a 1,000,550 votes. That’s got to be worth something, right?

For everyone who has read a post and left a comment, thank you. For all of you who read a post and didn’t leave a comment, thank you anyway. I don’t leave comments as often as I should either. It’s just that after a while, you realize that saying “Really great pictures” was getting boring. Now I leave comments when I have something to say. I read a lot more than I comment. I would apologize, but I think most of audience are also lurkers.

I lurk. I am a million view lurker. So when I comment, remember: a million people have read me and their shadows are now reading you. That’s something, right?

Have a great weekend. Stay healthy and may the millions follow you, too.

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  1. I remember when I hit the million miles club on American Airlines and I thought that was a bit deal. But a million views? That’s quite an accomplishment. Congratulations, Marilyn. Amazing!


    • I saw it coming a year ago, but things have been slower this year than last. Probably because I’ve pulled back from a lot of serious ranting. And COVID doesn’t get people excited. They just want to hide. But it is nice to finally turn that corner. I don’t think I’ll still be blogging for 2 million, though. My hands are really bad and not getting better. Too many years of pounding on pianos and keyboards. I’m going to a new pain specialist next week who my doctor seems to think works miracles. I could use a miracle or two!

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      • I have about 450,000 views on this blog after 3 1/2 years, but I doubt I’ll be blogging on WordPress long enough to get another 550,000. Especially if the fully retire the classic editor! I hope your new doc can help you out with the pain.


        • I can’t seem to find an alternative that I can live with. At least I’m getting some help from an engineer. Actually, several. I was nice, they were nice back an surprisingly, we seem to be making progress. They wrote some code for me to adjust the size on my headers. Now if only they could make that block editor go away!

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  2. Congratulations Marilyn, a million visits is something to be proud of. Your posts are the first ones I look for when I check in every day. I won’t say keep up the good work because that is really up to you and I know it’s not easy but as long as you keep writing them I’ll keep reading them.


    • Thank you. I’ve spent the day with lidocaine patches on any part I could patch and maybe by tomorrow my hands will start to work again. I promised to give that awful block editor one more good faith try. I’m not overly optimistic, but when someone helps me, I figure I owe them something and in this case, at least to TRY to see if I can make it work. The problem is that so many of the problems are not just the block editor. Spacing and lack of control over the size and spacing of fonts is a big issue and has been for years. I think the block editor just pushed me over the top. It was one more problem I didn’t want to deal with. But if I can get my hands and shoulder to stop hurting, maybe tomorrow I’ll give it a shot.

      I haven’t written anything notable in a while. I think I need this election to be over and for the world to settle down. The plague is coming back … again. It’s not as bad as it was, but it’s definitely worse and I’m so weary of this year. It has been such a bad year. This has been one of the “up” parts and it should have been better, but I feel so battered by reality. I’m sure a great many people feel that way — or worse.

      Meanwhile, I’m doing my best. It’s hard to find really interesting ideas when you don’t go anywhere or do anything.

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  3. Made me laugh. There’s another reason not to have a blog. I will never have to make my happiness dependent of how many ppl read me and I only ever ‘offer’ my comments in the knowledge that they might not always be to the taste of the writer but are, at least, my own honest opinion. I don’t have to please anybody.
    And before you reply back, saying that you don’t write for your readers joy: I KNOW. You are of such an outstanding honesty that I pull my hat and bow my head…. And I should think that several hundreds if not more of these hits are mine, as I like to comment to most of your posts. I’d also be very sad should you decide to stop writing, because whatever it is you write, it’s never boring. And I like that!
    So CONGRATS all round, I shall drink to your record a glass of red, but only tomorrow as it’s time to go to bed now.
    LONG MAY YOU CONTINUE… Much love from Switzerland, to you and Garry.


    • I do actually try to make people happy. I’m careful to try and not be overly critical. I’m not much of a diplomat and I often fail at it, but I do try. I think of you as a friend, so although I may not write to please you, I also avoid writing that might distress you. It’s not always an easy balance to find.


  4. Congratulations to you, Marilyn! Always good and interesting reads. And love all the critter photos!

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    • Lois, Marilyn is a constant. EVERY day – good, bad or ugly. She’s writing (not cranking out) more creative, thoughtful and often very funny pieces. As a former TV News guy, I know about hourly/daily deadlines but so much was just cranked out. It’s different with Marilyn, you get quality with quantity. One MILLION plus hits in 8 years? That’s HALL OF FAME territory. Just Amazing!

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  5. I’m not whether to be reassured or a bit creeped out that “shadows” are now watching and reading me too! O_o Congratulations on your million plus. You deserve it. It proves (to me) that quality still counts for something and your blog? Your photos? Are quality products. Cheers!

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    • I promised the tech person that I would give the block editor ONE more good faith try, but I’m not optimistic because I don’t think it will solve the problems I’ve got … many of which are the direct result of them removing functionality from my package. I’m not going to get a combination of header and body text because they took away the controls I had. But I promised, so I’ll give it my best effort and see if I can make this work.

      Yes, quality does count, but my wrists are really bad and I simply can’t write as much as I did. I had thought it was one of those simple little operations they do in an hour and the pain goes away (Garry had it, my sister had it, my mother had it and it worked for all of them). But my problem isn’t the nerve. It’s arthritis. SOME doctors say they can remove piece of calcification and fix it, but I have also heard that when it doesn’t work, your hands don’t work properly … and I don’t think any of the hand doctors are performing that surgery anymore. When it works, it’s great, but when it doesn’t …

      I’ll see how trying it again goes. I have to convince myself to try and I don’t want to bother. If my hands keep feeling like this, it may be a moot point. They are even worse today than yesterday. Meanwhile, I just want to be able to write easily, simply, and without having to worry about it.

      As of right now, I’m at 1,000,201 hits. I missed the turnover. I wanted to see it as it turned over, but we were watching Lucifer and I forgot to check. Does that mean something?

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      • I am constantly AMAZED at how you do this EVERY day, regardless of how you feel. One MILLION plus hits in 8 years is a tribute to your work and the SPIRIT of your work.

        CONGRATULATIONS doesn’t seem enough but you are truly amazing and inspiring.

        Keep it going, Spike! You have all those folks out there – everyday, everywhere – literally waiting for your NEXT piece. As I’ve often said, you’ve opened a window on the world for countless people who need a voice.

        You’ll do!


  6. huge congrats to you and happy to be one of them

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  7. Congratulations! Did the 1,000,000th visitor win anything? A car? A laptop? A squirrel or chipmunk?

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