Birds and their patterns – Cee’s Black & White Challenge

I am always amazed at the beautiful designs in the feathers of our local birds. It’s nice to get the front face of a bird, but often more interesting when you see his or her back and the amazing patterns.

Red-Bellied Woodpecker and Blue Jay

Blue Jay (duotone) with wings spread

Cee's Black-White


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12 replies

  1. Gorgeous! I knew there were patterns to the feathers, but thank you for bringing them out so magnificently!


  2. Oh these photos are absolutely stunning Marilyn 😀


  3. That little bit of colour is so nice. Birds come in so many gorgeous colours.


  4. Images 3 and 8 are my favs.., good job.


    • You picked MY favorites, too. I actually printed and hung the first one, only in color and a little bit wider to fit in the frame. The other one was a real piece of luck. I’ve taken to shooting very fast and basically without knowing exactly what I’m getting when the birds are moving. It turns out you can’t wait until a wild creature does something interesting and THEN take the picture. You have to already be taking the picture or you’ll miss it.


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