Over the past couple of days, I’ve taken at least 400 pictures of our local woodsy birds. This isn’t the best time of year for bird pictures because many of the summer birds have gone, but the winter birds aren’t here yet. Except for the Juncos that showed up between the falling of the first (way too early) snowflake and its melting the following day. We got six inches in one day and it’s gone 24 hours later. So if any time seems like a good time to contribute to a birding post, this has to be it.

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  1. What fabulous birds your have here this week! While we have birds year round here in Florida, I will often post a bird that I took 6 months ago to meet a challenge so please don’t think you have to shoot the birds the week of the challenge. We are pretty easy going on this one. Love your Nuthatches. We have the brown ones but I never see them in my yard. Saw the white-breasted one year and it is uncommon here. 🙂


    • We have both kinds of nuthatches and a LOT of them this year. More nuthatches than I’ve ever seen in one location. They arrive in flocks — and they aren’t a flock bird. they REALLY like our feeders. I think they have done been making baby nuthatches for us. In fact, we have a lot of baby birds this year. The most unattractive babies are the orange cardinal babies who are butt ugly until one day, they are gorgeous.

      I’ve never seen so many tiny little ones with baby fluff still poking out of their feathers. We are in southern New England, so we get probably more birds than most places on this coast. We also get many shore birds. We aren’t on the shore, but they come here in bad weather to fish in the rivers and ponds. It’s not a long flight for them.

      What I haven’t seen much of this year, though I have in the past, are hawks. We had a lot more of them. Or maybe they are hiding. I think the guy across the street feeds them, too. I’ve seen his posts on the Cornell website. This is such a rural area we rarely get a chance to chat with neighbors — and this year, not at all.

      The bird population has been changing from year to year. ONE year, we had a massive infusion of brown-headed cowbirds, but this year, maybe a couple. Robins have been few. Apparently they and the blue jays have had viruses of their own and their population is way down. I also have not had many transients. But also, we keep changing the feeders (and depending on price, the food) as the squirrels dismember feeders. I gave up on really big feeders because the raccoons literally STOLE one and also, much as I loved them, the flying squirrels were eating us out of house and home. They are adorable, but they emptied both feeders every night. I gave up.

      MANY MANY woodpeckers!

      Supposedly the goldfinches are off in Canada nesting now, but I’ve seen quite a few still hanging around here. Maybe they are too young to reproduce. Also, not nearly as many big gray squirrels, but a lot of red squirrels (first year we’ve seen the red ones) and baby squirrels. Teeny weeny squirrels. No full-size chipmunks, either. Just the least chipmunk, who is about a quarter the size of the big ones. I promised myself to NOT take anymore bird pictures today. I have hundreds from the past few days waiting for me and my wrists are exhausted!

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      • Well, it sounds like a lively spirited affair around your house. Interesting that your neighbor was feeding the hawks. We don’t have any of those babies and I’d just love to get a look at an Oriole at this point. It’s hit or miss here in Florida. I hadn’t hear anything about a bird virus. Blue Jays seem to be fine here. We have our normal fall birds back along with our residents. I think the some of the last couple of broods of Carolina Wrens have returned to our yard. There are more of them than normal. I had a Catbird on the fountain this morning at dark-thirty when I got up to walk down to the polls to vote. It’s only a block away from my house. Quite convenient considering I have to drive everywhere else to get anywhere.

        I laughed at the butt-ugly comment! That is true of most birds…especially the egret babies. They are so ugly…their cute! 🙂

        This week is shorebirds so I hope you have some saved up. 🙂


  2. That Junco looking at you is superb!! They have appeared in my backyard which means it is officially the beginning of winter 🙂


    • The juncos are fearless. The doves, nuthatches, and titmouses are also very friendly as are the chipping sparrows. I think they’d all be friendlier if I let them, but they need to be wild. I won’t always be here to feed them. They need to remember how to find their own food, too.



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