Like most everyone I know, I’m waiting to find out the results of the election. It’s just a few days away. We all have theories about what’s going to happen, but nothing substantial. Here in Massachusetts, maybe the bluest state on the east coast, our votes don’t get much respect.

Regardless of who wins the election, our problems won’t go away with the turn of a calendar page. They didn’t begin in 2016, either, and we need to remember that. They started well before 1776, as soon as the slave trade took over North America and became its most valuable business. If we fail to address this issue of bigotry, hatred, and systemic racism, our cultural lives will devolve. Life will become uglier and scarier for everyone. For those of us — the MANY of us — already married or otherwise involved in inter-racial relationships, we live between a rock and a hard place.

Trump has been the worst president EVER. We have had other terrible presidents. Andrew Jackson springs immediately to mind. He was everything Trump is and an actual serial killer too, but hey, what’s a little slaughter between “friends”? The election of Trump or some just like him has been predicted and on the table for more than 100 years. For all I know, longer. We have made any effort — nationally — to repair the lopsided balance of powers. They went off the rails during Washington’s administration.

We didn’t do right by our former slaves — who should never have been slaves from the get-go — nor have we made any effort to care for our Native populations whose land we ripped off along with their lives and future. We are STILL ripping them off today. Post civil war, we put all our efforts into soothing the upset rebels about losing the war they started — to the point where many of them haven’t “gotten” the point that they LOST. They seem to think they won and looking at the world in which we live, they may have a point. So maybe they didn’t REALLY lose?

As a nation, we’ve never dealt with poverty, inequality, lynching, murdering Black people, and other racist sporting events. We had one little burst of trying to make amends and let non-white people get better jobs right after the Civil Right Amendment was passed. After which we just let it fade away. All of which is bizarre because the rate of intermarriage has become downright trendy. I despair of ever coming to grips with climate change.

I know Biden is a better human being with compassion and ethics, but we also need a tough guy, an LBJ or some powerful S.O.B. to get in there and fight. To battle the power-and-money hungry congressional louts and show them that the game has changed for everyone. One nation, with or without God as our agent, against the billionaires and their corporate robots and statistics who have bought our government, one piece at a time for more than two hundred years.

As I sit here and listen, I swear I hear the powerful swoop of wings. Could it be? Yes! Our chickens are coming home to roost — and we haven’t even started to build coops. Anyone got some seed?

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  1. I’m with you 100%, Marilyn!


  2. It’s already Tuesday in Australia and I know I will be anxious for all of you, and for the world if things go badly.

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  3. Wishing you a peaceful, fair election day from north of the border.

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  4. LBJ (like Biden) had a long political career and knew how to work the sides to get things done. I’m not sure how much of a tough guy he was but, being from the south, he knew how southerners thought. I try to focus not so much on Biden but on the folks he’ll bring along with him. God help us all!

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    • I figure he can’t be a worse president. His head is in the right place. I hope he has good advisors and that he LISTENS to them. And reads. Believes in science, not magic. I don’t we could GET a worse president than we already have. There isn’t anyone worse, at least who isn’t in a hospital for “special people.”

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    • JT, I had the fortune to spend a little time with LBJ. “LJ”, as he told a select few of us to call him, would encourage Biden to “…dig in hard, be ready for the down and dirty and reject the sound and fury of all the scoundrels coming at you”.

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  5. Joe Biden is our only answer to start healing the country. Kamala can be the SOB voice in the ear of him once he is President. God, I hope he is President. I have hope for change, but it’s going to take awhile. First up, we have to encourage our politicians to stop avoiding or taking the coward’s path in fighting injustice and our social issues. I believe that those who are determined to make change are often thwarted by those who find it too hard to do anything about it and want to press the easy button. I am reminded of a quote by G.K. Chesterton that is also applicable to politics and the issues we face: “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried.” We have to press our politicians to try.

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    • It is going to take quite a while because while everyone wants change, no one ever wants to cough up the money to get the job done. The president can ask, beg, and bully — but past that, Congress has to recognize that their own personal local issues are NOT as critical as things like climate change and national medical care. Congress people want what’s good for their local community, but if we don’t get our ducks in a row, we’re not going to have a world to live in. There does come a time and place when we need to stop bickering and start working together or we are well and truly doomed.

      Frankly, I’m worried about committees and groups to explore subjects we already have answer for. We’re so busy “exploring” issues we never tackle them. We need someone in charge who’s interests are not entirely personal and who has the clout to convince or coerce other people. I’m afraid we’ll run out of time before we ever even start the job.

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      • Get ready for some sleazy stuff….such as we’ve never seen in our lifetime.
        Already, there’s talk of “cheaters disrupting the election”. The charges come from a man who doesn’t understand truth, honor or empathy.


  6. I’m not encouraging those chickens to stay around and feeding them will only encourage them. I’m massively anxious about what tomorrow will bring us – another four years of someone so vile that it beggars imagination that someone didn’t at least try to assassinate the boob. Or someone I fear is too old to be a really strong S.O.B. like we need. No heroes have shown up, and it just makes those of us who are suicidal more so. God bless America. She really needs it!

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    • I think we are all on the same page. We don’t just need a nice guy as prez. We need someone who has some drive and clout and influence. But I suppose a nice guy would be better than what we’ve got and at least he could start putting protections back on national parks and wildlife and protecting our water and air. That would help. And maybe make some improvements to health care. Hell, just having someone up there who actually cares about the people who live in this country would be positive.

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      • That’s not asking for too much. A lot of praying across the next 24 hours. Prayers plus VOTES.


      • Biden was not my first choice, nor second, nor third. But I’m behind him 100% now. I think someone “controversial” like a Bernie Sanders or a (God forbid!) woman or person of color would have been too much for this election, sorry as I am to say it. People on the right are calling Biden a “socialist” which is just laughable. In order to dig ourselves out of this hole, we need someone like Biden who will do some good things, yes, like getting us back on track to deal with climate change. I would like to see single payer health insurance but right now the ACA is fighting for its life, so we need to get behind it. The ideal would be someone to follow Biden who’s more progressive and has more chutzpah, to build on what he accomplishes. Trump and the GOP have ravaged our government and our country. Now we need some level-headed people to try to put the pieces back together and restore our reputation in the world. But, it’s not just the presidency – if we don’t get a majority in the Senate, nothing Biden wants to do will get done except through executive order. Getting rid of Toad McConnell (either defeat him altogether or make his a minority party) is probably even more important than getting rid of Trump. The Republicons have become such hypocrites with no moral fiber whatsoever. Taking away their power is the most important thing!!


        • He wasn’t my first choice either, but he’ll do. And maybe someone a bit more middle of the road is about as good as we can do this time. The thing is, the stuff people want isn’t socialist, not these days. These are things most other countries already HAVE and have had for dozens of years. This American fear of socialism is incredibly stupid and childish. Part of our lack of historical understanding.


  7. I was hoping for a strong person to emerge, someone who could give as good as he gets. Biden is what we have, but not enough of a fighter for me. I
    When I heard Joe Kennedy lll speak a few times, I thought we might have our man, but he has stayed silent and in the background. Very disappointing.

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    • We have one young fighting Kennedy beginning to come up in the ranks here. I think he’s JFK’s grandson or maybe great grand? Not sure whose offspring he is, but he’s a dead-ringer for JFK. He’s very young. Early 30s. The others are afraid of getting shot. They’ve got a long history of being targets and I think some of them would like to live a while longer. But yeah, we could’ve used a good one!


    • Patricia, Marilyn and I watched “The Best Man” again last night.

      Henry Fonda would look pretty good in the Oval Office.

      In the real world, I think the young Kennedys will be back again. This was “toes in the water” for young Joe who needs more experience before his next challenge.


      • Marilyn and Garry: Yes, I think you’re right. Young Joe needs a little more experience, and I can understand reluctance to become more up front, although Teddy did become a respected presence who lived to enjoy it.


        • But he didn’t seek higher office, not after his drunk driving killed someone. It may be what saved him. The Kennedys have always had a real presence in Massachusetts. Whatever is personally wrong with them, they are hard workers for the public good and they are serious about it. Young Joe is just that. Young. AND he was running against another very popular candidate, one who we’ve always supported. I voted for Joe, but Garry voted for the other guy and really, we liked them both. Joe is young. He’ll get another shot at it in due time.


      • Marilyn and Garry: Yes, I believe young Joe needs more experience, and I can understand his reluctance to be more public when his family have been such targets. Teddy, however, did become an important presence for many years.


  8. Good post Marilyn.


    • Thanks. I think — having talked to and listened to a lot of our friends recently — that we are ALL worried and edgy. No one thinks this is going down easy. Everyone things Trump will make this into a circus — or a civil war. I keep hoping that this is just part of his hot air balloon, but I guess we’ll see soon enough. A lot of people think he’s going to declare a victory no matter WHAT the votes say. It could get ugly. It also could turn out to be his usually bullshit and bluster. Now that’s a name for a post: Bullshit and Bluster.

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      • We hope and pray for a peaceful resolution in all this.


      • I was listening to an interview on NPR with a guy who has written an article about the Oath Keepers; the article will appear in the November issue of the Atlantic. What he was saying was really scary. The Oath Keepers are, you might say, the “classy” group on the right. They are not white supremacists, but they are very pro-Trump. They are preparing for what they are calling civil war. They’ve got their weapons at the ready to defend Trump and his cronies. Maybe the Oath Keepers really don’t have any idea what a real civil war looks like, but I hope they don’t unleash one. But if the election is close, which I think it will be, there could be real trouble ahead.


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