Most people think that Trump won’t leave the White House without a fight. I still think he might, if the numbers against him are huge and so are the electoral college numbers. That all of this blow hard stuff is just that: Trumpetsky blowing hot air and lying. I guess we’ll see tomorrow. There are those who think he will declare a victory no matter WHAT the numbers say because he has already laid the groundwork for declaring anything that happens on election day a hoax.

How many of his “followers” — other than the crazed militia monkeys with more guns than brain power — are willing to actually go to war for him? The military loathes him and it’s mutual. The secret service hates his guts and I think, at least furtively, so do a lot of his own party. So I’m not sure there really IS a groundswell movement to keep him in office. But then again, a dictatorship isn’t run by a majority. On the whole, a tyranny is a small group of bloody-minded people who (1) think they are always right, (2) think everyone else is always wrong, and (3) don’t give a rat’s ass about their citizens who just want to go about their lives with some degree of tranquility.

Thus is has always been. A country falls into a dictatorship because they are too lazy to fight back or too poor and downtrodden to care. It’s never the poverty stricken lower classes that start revolutions. It has ALWAYS been — in every country including here and in France and in Great Britain and elsewhere — the middle class that pushes for revolution. They have the education and the influence. In this country, though, our middle class isn’t nearly as big as it was when I was growing up. My generation is substantially poorer than our parents were. Their parents were poorer than they were before they came to the U.S. They didn’t necessarily come from poverty, but to get here, they had to give up pretty much everything: land, farming equipment and animals, crops, shops and other businesses. That was the case with my mother’s family. In “the old country,” they were lower middle class. Maybe a little better than that but it’s hard to know. We youngsters failed to ask enough questions before older family members stopped remembering the details.

I remember when I asked my Aunt Kate about what it had been like on the other side — Austro-Hungary-Poland (it was one of the other, depending on recent treaties). But she was just nine or ten when she came here and by then she was 85 years old. “It has been,” she said, “Seventy-five years. I just don’t remember everything.” That seemed a lame answer at the time, but these days, I relate to it. I can’t remember details of events just 30 years ago much less 75. We should have asked sooner. I advise my younger guests to ask questions now and write down (or record or make some kind of record) of older and oldest family members because if you don’t, history gets lost.

So becoming poorer than your parents isn’t all that unusual and fluctuations in family fortunes between generation is not unusual. It’s simply that it hasn’t happened much in this country until recently. We had a young country, so for many people, there was a lot of wealth to grab. Not as much for darker skinned people, but still, many if not all have done okay. They can and will do better. I am sure they will, assuming we still have a “free” country in another ten years or, for that matter, next year.

In the meantime, I am in a house on which I owe too much and bring in too little. I wonder if there’s any chance we’ll get a president who will raise social security to a living wage. Make medications affordable. Lower food prices. Care about the environment. Keep air and water breathable and drinkable. Work with schools to stop teaching “how to get good test scores” and start teaching science and mathematics. Teach history so kids understand we have come from somewhere rather than the nonsense in schoolroom “history” books.

“If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything.
You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree. ” 
― Michael Crichton

I’m a total election junky. From a sporting point of view — elections are like the world series and the super bowl in one night — it’s high entertainment. Usually, during the (former) rest of my life, I watched every election when I was in the U.S. We won, we lost. When we won, it was great and we celebrated. When we lost, we didn’t lose our minds. It was disappointing, but there would be other elections. Next time, we could do better. Never do I remember an election being so frightening or disturbing.

I hold out this particular nugget for my co-believers. We urgently, desperately need to lose Trump and his sycophants now. The world won’t wait for us. I think that these astounding enormous early voting numbers were not Republicans bopping to the polls early. Surely some were, but I think most were Democrats. Republicans seem to believe that “voting day” is the only “right” day to vote. Mind you, this is the first year I voted early. But the GOP prefers to wait for the “real” day.

The bigger problem is no one knows if winning means we win or it will be a long legal fight. For now, though, everything is afloat. These past four years have exhausted me. I went into the 2016 election getting old and have come out at least 100 years older. There are other things going on in my life which need attention. I want to get on with life. Let’s hope we move on to a better place. Soon.


Trump is a coward. He has shown this from Vietnam to today. He likes to TALK about a fight, but when anything gets complicated or he finds himself potentially in danger, he runs for cover. I think this is likely to be one of those times. He’s counting on a groundswell of other people — his base — to keep him in office. I don’t see that happening. There are a few crazies, but they are lazy too. If the votes mount up, I don’t see them going to war to save Trump’s ass. His base are bushwhackers and snipers, not warriors. Could I be wrong? Sure. Anyone can be wrong. But — has anyone seen a streak of bravery in Donzo? Or his family?

These are cowards through four generations. Sly, back-biting, lying cheaters. Why would that suddenly change? His kind of bravery sneaks up on you from a dark corner. There’s no valor in this guy OR his followers.

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  1. We must carry on, no matter what the outcome of this sh*t-storm they’re calling an election. I lost faith in that process in 2000, even earlier actually, when I realized that it’s not about the PEOPLE any more, it’s about money and power and who might be positioned to be picked ‘next’. Yeah, pessimistic of me, but it’s a bit less painful to look at it that way. Like you, I’m about 100+ years older than when that pumpkin headed fool took the lead. I don’t hold out much hope for the future, whoever they put in there. “Our” guy is too nice and too old, IMHO, to be effective, but he’s loads better than ol’ pumpkin boy. I’d say, whatever happens, live your life and get on with it. “They” haven’t made it 1984, not yet, so celebrate while you still have a few freedoms left. At least go look out your windows, or if it’s warm enough, sit on your deck and admire the beauty you can see. Cherish those beautiful birds and squirrels and wee chipmunks! “They” haven’t taken THAT away from us at least….we’re free to admire nature, if we look for the beauty.


  2. I hope you are correct about him leaving if defeated. Frankly, I don’t think he’s going anywhere anytime soon, even if he loses ‘bigly’. I believe he wants this to go all the way to the – ‘his’ – Supreme Court. As we Irish Catholics say – Oy Vey!!

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    • “His” court hasn’t been all that much with him. He doesn’t seem to “get” that once appointed, they don’t need him anymore. It’s going to be interesting. I’m just hoping he’s just full of hot air and when nip comes to tuck, he’s the same coward he has always been. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.


    • I like your last two sentences and echo —




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