In bright Democratic blue, I’m a very nervous blogger tonight. I love elections. Always have since I watched the first one on TV when Kennedy was elected. I was up all night until finally, just as dawn was breaking, they decided it was Kennedy. It was a paper thin victory, but he got in. My generation loved him. He was good-looking. He had hair, unlike Eisenhower who most emphatically didn’t. He was liberal. Then they went and shot him. What a day THAT was. It took until 9/11 to give up worries about people getting shot and start worrying about terrorists. Although, to be fair, by the time 9/11 occurred, I was back from nine years in Israel and was not nearly as freaked out about terrorism as most Americans. You don’t lose your fear of them, but you learn that they are part of the modern world and you live with it.

This election is different because so much is on the line and so much of it is critical to survival. Mine, yours, everybody’s survival. We have already voted, so tomorrow I’ll be at the Boston Pain Clinic seeing if they can figure out what to do with this old carcass of mine. I suppose this will at least keep me from worrying about the election all day. I won’t have to start worrying until I get home.


Which meal is your favorite: breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

When I had a real appetite, it was definitely breakfast and we still sometimes eat breakfast for dinner. A “real” breakfast is just too much food for me first thing in my morning, but bacon, eggs, and hash browns — or French toast — are a great dinner. These days, the only real “meal” I eat is dinner and not much of that. Tonight I had something I love but don’t get very often, which was swordfish. Baked with salt and black pepper accompanied by spicy fried potatoes. Also Owen brought home cheese and crackers, which is a total treat. Can snacks be your favorite meal? Because cheese and crackers could possibly be — other than Sushi — be my all time favorite meal.

On the “eat out” menu, Sushi is the big winner with Chinese food running a close second. I don’t see the point in eating out if I’m going to eat the same stuff I already cook at home. I usually prepare it better than the restaurants do anyway. I think I’m a better cook.

Who do you admire most in the world?

Admire? You mean a living person? Because I really don’t know. I’m not enough of a sports fan to go in that direction and while there are politicians I like better than others, I don’t quite admire them, either. I tend to admire authors and scientists, but I can’t pick one person.

With the obvious restrictions in place, what do you regret not doing in the last year?

Pretty much everything. Just being able to so safely in and out of my own home has been deeply missed. And COVID is back again. Not as bad here as some other places, but bad enough. Big spike in nearby Holliston and even nearer in Milford. I think I’m going to cancel that dental appointment again. I don’t feel like having anyone’s hands in my mouth right now.

Ask me about gratitude tomorrow or the day after tomorrow!

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  1. Breakfast…, that’s it, Breakfast


  2. Thanks Marilyn for Sharing Your World. Good luck on your doctor visit, I hope they can offer something to help with your chronic pain! I miss sushi (good sushi) a great deal, no decent Japanese nor Chinese food to be had up here. Breakfast makes a great dinner, or a great lunch. Stay safe and take care today! Maybe tomorrow will herald a bright new future (some hopes, but still!)


    • This restaurant was the ONLY Asian (it served Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai food) restaurant in the area. AND it was both affordable and good. The pandemic took it down. I would like to hope another will turn up, but I’m not holding my breath.


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