After a Zoom with Garry’s favorite pals, the former colleague group on Trump, racism, Boston’s history of racism, Trump, Trump, and Trump, we’re back to CNN. Now Biden is leading in all FOUR on the line states — AND maybe we’ve picked up two more senators. I’m waiting to hear more about that.

I also don’t think we are going to have any kind of a war. Trump’s going to be a pain in the ass, but in the end, if they have no choice, they will escort him out of the (big) White House.

Trumpism won’t end. The haters will keep hating. The raging bigots won’t change now and if they lose Trump (he’s old, one day he too will die), they will find a new guy to to lead them. Maybe the next one won’t be elected president, but there are always plenty of racists and bigots who would be happy to keep those folks riled up. How will Joe Biden manage?

President-Elect Joseph Biden. I know. It’s MY call, but I’m calling it.

What a terrible time to become President! If Obama had a hard time, this is worse. 2020 is the awfullest year amongst many awful years. Biden’s got to get COVID under control so he can deal with the economy. He’s got to send money to Americans. We who are hungry, frightened, and owe money on mortgages and rent. I still have no idea how I’ll manage to pay it back, but we’ll make some kind of deal with the bank.

The interesting times aren’t over yet. Maybe they are barely beginning. Maybe the times in which we were raised and for we older folks, mostly lived our lives were a kind of safety bubble where we thought what we believed were the right things and surely everyone would eventually recognize them. That has not happened and probably never would have happened. But that’s the thing about living in a bubble. You don’t have to hear or see things you choose to miss.

Too late now. All the crap we agreed about — like climate, nullifying racism, creating medical care for everyone, saving the wildlife and the wild places — has got to be confronted and made real. Talking about it? We’ve done all the talking. It’s time for the doing and I have to hope that other people are feeling pressured to confront these massive problem. And there are a lot MORE huge problems I haven’t even touched on and they are not less important.

And so it goes.

Welcome to almost 2021. It’s going to be a different ball game. Different yet somehow, the same.

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  1. That last line of yours? Terrifying. If 2021 is as plain ol’ shitty as 2020 has been, I’m going to have to commit myself if I don’t want to self harm. How much more can the world take? The stupids have taken over and there are no intellectuals this time (nor people with moral compasses pointed in the correct direction) left. The few that are around are all elderly. Gah. What a horrible time to be alive! And they call me crazy because I just want off the ride..


  2. “Why won’t you just like me?” was his cry a few days ago, and I maintain that very few of his supporters really liked him. But I speculate that they thought his bold promises would bring them a better life. They even tried to ignore the pandemic with him and that only showed them how quickly this government could be threatened, if not toppled altogether. Not to mention, proving again that nothing is more powerful than MOTHER NATURE!


  3. Step One: Get Trump the heck outta here. And I want video of his rants as he blocks the door jamb and they have to give him a swift kick to get him out. Enough is enough.

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    • I think “his party” is going to “convince him” to move on. They won their seats. They aren’t going to let the former president ruin their time in office. But what a mess Biden has to deal with !


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