I’m exhausted. When I finally go to sleep and later wake up, nothing seems to have changed.

Except everything has changed, but now instead of changing in huge increments, it’s a few thousand votes here, there, oh and over there, too. The president is promising the end of the nation because thinks he can do it. His party isn’t supporting his position because:

  1. Senators already won their seats. They don’t need Trump anymore.
  2. Just because you appointed a Supreme Court judge doesn’t mean he or she will agree with you or even hear your case. THEY don’t need you anymore either. It’s a lifetime appointment.
  3. All your gun crazy followers are rabble. No leadership or training. They may have guns, but they aren’t an army or likely to form one. Especially if no one is paying for their bullets.
  4. Meanwhile, the U.S. has its own army, air force, navy, coast guard and the marines. I’m pretty sure our military can take down Donzo’s gun-nuts. Better fire power, more soldiers. Leaders that know something about running a military. Also, they don’t like Trump or you.

I know we’ve all been hysterical for four years and it’s hard to let it go. We are knotted up and furious. We’ve been mad for years and it’s going to take awhile to let it go. I totally get it. It has been a horrible four years and 2020 has been the worst. We loathe the orange bastard. We not only want him defeated We want to see him demeaned, devalued, and preferably imprisoned. Personally, I’m a pragmatist. I just want him OUT of the White House and off my television. I don’t want to hear his voice or read his tweets. I want him to disappear.

We were worried about enemies? How about our own president?

Sadly, he won’t go away quite as quickly as we’d like. If you need someone to hate, you can be sure he will be around and thoroughly detestable for a few years at least. His followers will follow him, for a while, anyway until they find a new “leader” who hates what they hate. There was a great article this morning and I wish I remember where I read it. It pointed out that Trump is not the least bit untypical of the kind of clowns we elect in this country. He is, in fact, the ultimate idiot for whom we’ve been searching.

Still the victim

Elections in this country have always been entertainment. We elected the most amusing candidate and there was always a lot of alcohol involved. Election rallies were the big events of the year in boring little towns where nothing ever happened. When a candidate showed up, there was a circus tent and jugglers and barrels of booze. Women didn’t vote, so you can figure there were women, but they weren’t there to calm everyone down.

There’s less booze now, at least on the floor or gathering, but probably post party? Oh yeah. And not just booze, either.

So Trump is everything we ever really wanted in a president. He doesn’t read books so he doesn’t make his “base” feel stupid. He can’t write, so he makes them feel (comparatively) literate. He hates everyone and so do they. AND he’s an entertainer. Keeps things lively. What they didn’t expect was that he would be everything at the same time. For some people, it was a bit much. But the fact is, he is EXACTLY what many Americans wanted. His base doesn’t care if we look like asses to the rest of the world. They don’t care and they never did.

Now, if Trump loses, his moronic base will gradually look for a new leader. Trump is old and I suspect out of office, he won’t last long. His weight, his diet, his lack of exercise will catch up with him and he will suddenly age.

I don’t think there’s going to be a war. Who would lead it? Which of the little ugly militias is going to get the other militias to form a bigger group and take on the U.S. Army? Now, with Trump behind them, they are very brave but without him? They will be the cowards bullies always turn out to be. You take away their big guns and they are nothing and nobody. Which is why they love their guns as much as they do.

Watching this election is really like watching the 14th inning of a Red Sox-Yankee game. Agonizing. It ain’t over yet, but I am hoping it will be before I have to go to bed. And let the winner be Biden. Please!

I will update this later is there is more information. Everything is in motion right now, so there’s nothing to do but wait. Getting frantic and desperate about it is not going to help. No matter WHAT happens, hysterical anger is not going to help.

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  1. Biden looks like the winner.


  2. well, it’s back then!
    You know, when I read this, I thought, as I did many times before: How come that B isn’t winning by a huge landslide?! It seems I’m only ever connecting and exchanging with ppl who are on the same wave length – and WHY the heck do I care so very much what’s happening over ‘there’? I’m not having any direct impact on my life by either of your choice but I still find it difficult to believe that a whole country as big and large and with such a variety of possibilities you should have such a huge amount of RED in your votes…. Well, we all will wait and see.
    And what’s also quite interesting, I must have received at least 20 different mini-vids, pics, montages, Gifs with variations on the same theme. The one also depicted on the brilliant TIME (to go) cover. Not one for the orange man….


    • Ironically, he WAS elected by the largest number of people to ever vote for any president ever. But number 2? That would be Trump. This year, so many Americans voted than have ever voted before — which is why they are still counting and will be for at least one more day. There will be a recount in Georgia (because there’s so a narrow margin). However, it looks like that’s the only recount required and it won’t change Biden’s position as winner. Unless something extraordinary happens, Biden won with the most votes any president ever got.

      The problems Trump created or failed to deal with aren’t going to disappear the day Biden takes office. We have to get COVID under control, the economy functional, financially help Americans who have fallen into poverty because of COVID and the collapse of local (and national) economy.
      Then we need to go after systemic racism and a medical system that works. Save our planet so humans and animals can still live here. Deal with some of these election issues. Clarify the position of the president and what can be done about him. Do something about the electoral college. Deal with guns. Get the corporate money out of elections.

      It’s a LOT of stuff and it’s going to take a long time to fix. Maybe now we get started.

      There’s plenty of this same stuff going on over on your side of the world, too. Nativism isn’t just an American phenomenon. Demagoguery and autocracy are international. The WORLD needs fixing, not just America. Everyone needs to get off their butts and try to do SOMETHING however small! We can’t all do big things, but everyone can do something small and we need to try.


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