Share Your World 11-10-2020

And so we had an election and at least some people (who shall remain nameless) apparently still think we are still having one. Well, we knew Trumpty Dumpty was the ultimate disruptor. You would think that maybe — just this once — he’d go out like a real man, but nope. Not on your life. He is who he was and will be until his diet and weight and inability to cope with loss catch up with him. I’m just glad he won’t be on my television every night any more. Now, if the vaccine is a reality — and we can actually GET some — maybe we can get back to living.

And so for this week, we have questions. Life is a giant question mark and these are just little dots along the margins. Which makes them a lot more fun than serious “What is the point of life?” kind of questions. Does anyone our age still agonize over that stuff? I sure hope not. All that does is lead to agony and gloom. Cheer up, at least for a while. There’s a lot of bad stuff coming our way. Rejoice while we are able!!


 Do you like or dislike surprises? Why or why not?

I always think I’m going to like surprises but usually, I don’t. They are rarely surprising in a positive way. The last surprise was the sudden and completely unexpected death of one of my best and oldest friends. I could do forever without that particular surprise.

What’s your favorite zoo animal?

I don’t like zoos, mostly, though some are much better than others. I always liked the sea lions in the Central Park Zoo. They threw the ball and people hurried to get it.

 What three things do you think of the most each day?

Some of my ailing friends who are far away and about whom I worry. My health, Garry’s health, my son’s health, and how to get some of the white dog hair off at least SOME of my clothing. This last question is a question to which no answer will ever come because that white dog hair will NEVER go away. It’s the condiment of life.

‘Deep’ Question: When, if ever, is taking a human life justified?

Probably yes, but I’m not the one who’s going to do it. I do not think I’m capable of killing anyone. I would be pondering it while whoever was under lethal consideration was casually getting ready to kill me. Bang, I’M dead.


Trump lost. Not everyone I wanted to lose lost, but at least Orange Head lost and hey, let’s be happy. We have earned a little happy, don’t you think? Also, thank for this long and glorious autumn. It has been several years since we had a good one — and this was a GREAT one! Today, most of the leaves fell off the trees, or at least most of them. The oak leaves are still up and will be probably another couple of weeks, but all the rest of the trees are bare.

We had our season. Thank you.

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16 replies

  1. Very true, surprises are rarely positive in my experience.


  2. Perhaps we could think of Biden and Harris as the stabilisers that huge ships have to keep them safe in stormy seas. I hope so.
    White dog hair, tell me about it. It’s spring and Cindy is shedding. Last week I took her outside and brushed her. I ended up with half a bucket of fluff and a covering over me so I had to brush myself before I could go back inside. Think I will have to do it again today. At least arthritis means she no longer gets on the furniture but the carpets need vacuuming way more often than I do it.


    • White dogs are the worst! I think the hair is stickier than other colors. Or maybe it just SEEMS that way.

      It’s incomprehensible to me the Trump and his party of spineless sycophants are — in the midst of a massive pandemic — not only not HELPING, but not even pretending. If he isn’t ashamed of himself, we are all ashamed on his behalf.

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  3. Allow me to answer the “deep” question, too: If anyone ever hurts one of my family members, I will definitely have no problem taking that person’s life. Other than that, I try to stay calm and law-abiding.

    PS – I believe Mother Nature is smiling on many of us this week. It’s 74 F here today!


    • Nearly 80 here! Compare that to the half a foot of snow we got LAST week. Mother Nature has a real attitude problem!

      It’s not that I don’t believe that some people really DO deserve to die. It’s that I do not have much of a killer instinct. That’s what boot camp is all about: training people like me to be able to kill. I think most (normal) people are not killers but can be retrained. I’ve never been retrained and I think I’m a bit old to start now.

      The leaves are falling like a blizzard today. Even the oaks are dropping leaves by the bushel. There’s a HUGE difference between the leaves yesterday midday and now. Most of the trees are bare today and I think another day or two, it will be winter trees — while the temperature zooms upward of 80. How’s THAT for a contradiction!

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  4. Gorgeous fall photos. The changing colors and Fall weather is what I miss about New York. Autumn was my favorite time.


  5. Good answers Marilyn.


    • I was trying to remember the last time I got a genuine (not “I knew about it but I am not allowed to admit it” kind) surprise and I really can’t remember. I have a feeling most surprises are like that. You aren’t supposed to know, but the “secrecy” make the “surprise” so obvious. I think we’ve given up on surprises around here. They don’t work out the way they should. The real surprises are rarely happy ones.

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  6. Thanks Marilyn for Sharing Your World and your beautiful photographs! I’m just glad that T-dump did lose, there is hope (even if it is still really small) that all the common sense in this country hasn’t been washed down the drain. Rejoice indeed! Take care through the coming changes, there’s likely to be a few surprises among them.


    • I know. I really hoped (but didn’t believe) that Trump might find a piece of spine somewhere and go out like a man, but he isn’t and won’t. I just think that for a few hours we can be glad. There are plenty of huge problems down the road awaiting our arrival.


  7. I do hope that the transition goes well too.


    • It will go. Well? Probably not right now, but ultimately, it will go. At this point, the U.S, is like a huge ship on the ocean. You can’t just put on the brakes because there AREN’T any brakes!

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      • That is just the right analogy.

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      • I just want to let Joe and Kamala get to work turning things around back to to some kind if decency and Integrity. I’m so tired of it all and we have a bigger problem. as someone said recently, COVID-19 needs to be dealt with before our economy approaches any kind of normalcy, before life approaches normalcy.., before normal becomes normal again. BUT COVID-19 MUST COME FIRST!


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