Yesterday, the gardener came and cleaned up all the leaves. The place look GREAT. Today, about a million oak leaves fell off the trees and it looks like it was never done at all, so I guess the gardener will have to come back. This is a real case of “doesn’t it just figure” that as soon as we get the place cleaned up, the oak leaves drop? I mean, we have a lot of oak trees and they have a lot of leaves. I thought the oaks would hang on another week or two, but not even 24 hours after cleaning…

I was watching the leaves fall as I sat here this afternoon. It was a blizzard of oak leaves. Although it’s lovely living in the woods, it is also very messy. Meanwhile Garry went to find out what was wrong with his hearing aid. You want to take a guess on this one? Aw, come on. Take a guess.

You got it! On the first try! It was completely clogged with pollen and dog hair. They cleaned it out and gave him tools to keep cleaning it. It’s the dog hair and pollen that keep us feeling like we have a permanent cold. It has a lot to do with the daily sneezing fits, headaches, and itching. At least they raked out the garden. That was a bit of a nightmare. Just looking at it gave me the heebie-jeebies. Now, while it isn’t exactly in bloom, at least it was — as of yesterday — neat. Now, I’m sure it’s got half a foot of oak leaves.

Tomorrow I have to go get my spine worked on. I’m just a wee bit nervous about needles and my spine, but I’m out of options. If I can’t find a way to improve it, my future looks pretty grim. I can barely move now. In five years, I’ll be rigid from arthritis pretty much everywhere. There is almost no bone in my body that isn’t arthritic and it isn’t going to get better. Whatever they can do, I need them to try. I’m out of options.

Between me and Garry, we have so many doctor appointments while we are trying to make up for all the canceled appointment that we missed during the pandemic. I’m a full year overdue for checking me out for cancer — and Garry’s a year overdue for a whole bunch of hearing tests. But this time, it’s not the audiologist he needs to see, but the actual doctor. It’s going to be January before we have some time off. How ironic that the pandemic is now as bad or worse than it was earlier and how doubly ironic that our useless former president is so busy trying to be a winner that he’s letting Americans die. Literally making no effort of any kind to take care of the people he swore to protect and serve. Some president. Some leader. The man is a total loser. Even now, he doesn’t have it in him to stand up and be a man. He has lived his life as a loser and he will die a loser.

Meanwhile, it’s as warm as a summer’s day but it could snow tomorrow. Mother nature has taken an attitude toward we puny humans and who can blame her?

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  1. I completely get the “leaf” thing. I have three eucalyptus trees, in my side yard, that hang over the driveway. These trees provide shade and allows me to park an additional car under them in summer. The birds love these trees too, and provide tons of evidence to that effect.., all over my car. So much so that I sought out a product known as “Poop off” and for those with similar problems, PetsMart sells it. But back to the leaves. Lots of them fall from those trees all year long and about once a month the gardener guy comes to clear my, desert landscaped, front yard of them. So, all summer it was dreadfully, hot killing, or seriously damaging, many of the low water use plants in my yard. Finally Adolfo(and crew) got to my home and did a beautiful job of restoring the rustic look of the yard. That night we had a wind storm, and threat of rain (rain is only threatened here). When I got up the next morning, the yard looked exactly as it did before Adolfo came the previous day. Don’t mess with Mother Nature!


    • Owen blew the leaves off the driveway because those oak leaves are slippery and feel like ice. But the rest of the property is COVERED with leaves. This isn’t the first time this has happened. We usually have to clear at least twice, sometimes three times because we have so many trees and they don’t all fall at the same time.

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      • Driving home from the hearing aid session, I encountered what can be best described as “leaf flurries”, almost blinding my vision on the highway. Kinda scary. I think this could be a new Hitchcockian feature.

        “Invasion of the Leaves”

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  2. Love your photos! We have enough trees in our apartment complex and wind of late to create a pile of leaves directly in front of my garage door. I swept them away three times and finally gave up a losing battle. Eventually, they will drift away or get plowed away with the first snowfall. Enjoy your summer-like day, our last was on Monday.

    I hope the needling (acupuncture?) works for you, that this is an option that helps keep you moving.

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  3. I hope they can do something to fix your spine so you aren’t in pain so much of the time! Lol at all the oak leaves falling off the trees just after you got the cleaning done! Figures it would happen though, given the time of year we’re in!


    • It was a classic. We came back from the doctor (I forget which one!) and everything was CLEAN. That night we had a medium size earthquake (they are rare on this coast), but it shook the trees and the leaves came down. In one giant fall that took only a a couple of hours. It was the biggest leaf dump I’ve ever seen! And now, you’d never know anyone ever cleaned it!

      We are on the way to the doctor like — NOW. I guess I’ll see how it goes soon enough.

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