FOTD – November 15 – 2020 Christmas Cactus comes back to life!

Since the cactus began to bud, I’ve been watching it. It has developed from very tiny buds a week ago to an almost full blossom today with, hopefully, a lot more to come. So here’s the sequence from the first time I shot them through today. This was faster than usual. It generally takes longer than three days, but everything is different this year … and I did repot this plant this year. I just ordered some new pots, too. Ceramic, for the weight. Some of these cactus and succulents are heavy and fall over from their own weight. I hope the little pots I ordered are heavy enough.

And tomorrow, there will be more flowers

Tomorrow, there will be more flowers!

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  1. Will follow you instructions although I really do not give it too much water


  2. It’s going to be gorgeous Marilyn, thanks for sharing.


  3. I wish mine would flower again. You always have such success with them, I got mine last year, ful of buds and they all fell off. I did not lose my faith and kept it during the Summer months, giving it fertilise and water. It grew into a wonderful plant full of leaves, but no sign of a bud. It seems quite happy where it is and I havn’t given up hope.


    • Don’t fertilize it if you want flowers. If you must, you have to get fertilizer for CACTUS which is even lighter than the fertilizer you use for orchids. And DO NOT WATER THEM UNTIL THEY ARE COMPLETELY ABSOLUTELY DRY. Seriously. If you do, you will have a nice, big bushy plant and never grow any flowers. AND keep it in a room where there is very little light that isn’t natural. I keep mine in the dining room which we rarely use, so I hardly ever turn on the lights there and the plants all live by almost entirely the natural cycle of light — which helps them bloom. Our lights confuse them and mess up their cycles.

      But mostly, if you keep watering it, it will not bloom. Not ever. the good news is that since it’s full and green, if you ONLY water it when it is COMPLETELY dry and you have it in a good window (east seems to work best), it will bloom like crazy and very quickly since you’ve beefed up the main plain. It’s ready to bloom if you let it dry out.

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