FOTD – November 16 – The Christmas Cactus

And the beat goes on. One of the interesting things is that the flowers this year are red and white. You couldn’t see it yesterday, but you can easily see it in today’s pictures. I think it’s because it’s growing in completely different soil than it was in before. Previously, it was “regular” earth. now it is special soil designed for growing and seeding plants. It has almost no actual earth in it and that probably is why the flowers are a different color. Even if you change the water you give a plant, it can change the color of the flowers.

You can see the color changes in this macro

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  1. Great job Marilyn, it is blooming very well. I do not have a “greenthumb” but I am trying!


    • I didn’t have a green thumb but I had a friend who was good with plants. She told me what to do. I did it. Everything grew. I give out the same advice, but people don’t listen. Especially when I tell them DON’T WATER THAT CACTUS UNTIL IT IS COMPLETELY DRY. On the whole, don’t water ANYTHING until it is dry. I guess that sounds cruel or something because they don’t wait and they water it and then, no flowers. It isn’t hard. Give them light, water only when necessary (overwatering kills more plants than underwatering) and when you have no choice, repot the plant.


  2. It’s Christmas Cactus time of year again. How beautiful 😀


  3. Fascinating, Marilyn… The blooms are lovely!


  4. I think you win. The blossoms are awesome.


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