The song for 2020! By Credence Clearwater Revival lyrics are on the YouTube video along with the music.

It was a bad moon rising that night in Barnstable…

The words are perfect to describe this year.

Don’t go out tonight. It’s bound to take your life. There is a bad moon on the rise.

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  1. I love CCR. And Bad Moon is one of my favorites of theirs! Thanks Marilyn!


  2. That second pic with the deep hanging moon…. a treat! And that old old song. Delightful


    • That photograph is actually two photographs, both taken the same evening on the beach on Cape Cod. I overlaid the moon over the floating sailboats. And I really love Credence. They were a great group.

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      • aaah The artistic license! I don’t know should I be disappointed or not. But fact is, it’s a gorgeous ‘combo’. And I agree about CCR – I’m showing my age by saying that ‘then’ singers and bands had often something to say… 😉


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