I’m sure there’s something political here, but no one is exactly sure what. I think maybe you can make up your own idea of what this might really mean. Or maybe it doesn’t mean anything. Take your best guess!

From the immortal, but living (in Mexico) Bizarro!

If you like his humor (I certainly do!), you can sign up and get nearly daily doses of humor!

He is my favorite and has been since I came to Boston in 1988 when he appeared every day in the Herald, sadly no longer with us. He has moved to Mexico, but is still a brilliant cartoonist and artist.

Visit him at https://www.bizarro.com/ and sign up! A daily giggle can’t hurt, all things considered.

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8 replies

  1. Love his sense of humour.


  2. I follow Piraro on FB. He is great. I’ve started to follow his new graphic novel (which is shown as two paintings in that first strip at the top…)


  3. I think that it’s a socio-political comment about defunding police. If there weren’t museum guards, someone might steal that crap. 😯


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