FOTD – November 22 – Amazing Cactus!

I have never had a cactus bloom like this one is doing. It must be the soil I used. It’s not real “dirt.” It’s a growing mixture and we have some leftover from plants Owen was growing that needed it. The stuff is expensive and it’s intended to get seeds started — which it absolutely does. It’s expensive, but it was perfect for the badly (very badly) cactuses in need of repotting. The dirt in those small pots was a couple of decades old, so there were probably no nutrients in it. And anyway, cacti really like sandy, gritty soil and a LOT of sunshine. For half the day. Not all day.

After the transplants, this plant looked pretty sad, Last month, they began to perk up and it decided to make a lot of buds. A bunch of which are blooming. I’m still amazed at the color. The red and white is exceptional. As I said, it has to be the stuff it’s growing in. It’s supposed to be a pH0 (neutral) growing material, but it sure has had a profound effect on this plant. Never seen anything like this.

Just one bloom

And there are more fat buds! It is, however, happening rather fast!


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  1. You have a lot of blooms already … so pretty.


    • I’ve never had a cactus bloom this heavily. Usually, I get a lot of flowers — one or two at a time. It makes the growing season long. This time, it’s all blooming at once, so I’m expecting it to be a shorter season, but very impressive while it lasts. I was shooting indoors and the regular lights were lit, so the colors are a little bit off. The flowers are a deeper red and the white areas are really white, not “off” pink. Right now, our days are very short. If you take a nap, by the time you get up, it’s dark outside. Dark in the morning, dark in the afternoon, too. Now, we wait to turn it around after the Winter Solstice.

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  2. Your Christmas Cactus is truly amazing.


    • I was so afraid to transplant it. These plants just break into pieces so easily, but finally, I had no choice. The soil was dead and the plant wasn’t going to grow without new soil under it, not to mention a bigger pot. I used a fabric pot, too. They dry out faster and are frankly a pain in the butt to handle, but they keep you from overwatering.

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  3. I love Christmas cacti, but did you know there are also Thanksgiving and Easter blooming cactus? Each Thanksgiving, my big one puts on a spectacular show. She is about 2.5 feet in diameter, and she is covered in blooms. Enjoy your lovely plant, and have a wonderful day. 🌸


  4. I looked after a person’s cacti collection (huge! – and I’m the least useful person for cacti, as I usually overwater massively) and that was the first time I had the instruction to water once a week sparingly and ONCE A MONTH with a drop of cacti fertiliser. And boy, did it some good to them….


    • That was what I learned when I first started growing plants. Eventually I had a gigantic collection of indoor plants — hundreds. I said I’d never done well with growing plants and she said “Nonsense.” So I followed her lead and EVERYTHING grew. It pays to listen to those who’ve done it before 🙂


  5. I have always loved Christmas cactus, but hardly ever see them any more.
    I logged on to a garden centre, found a beautiful white one and ordered it. My Christmas treat!


    • We don’t have a lot of nurseries anymore. Before grocery stores and lumber yards and shopping malls started to sell plants, there were nurseries all over the place. We had a LOT more plants to choose from, too and some places were dedicated to certain kinds of plants. We also had (on Long Island, in New York) a huge arboretum. Every year, they would sell off — for almost nothing — thousands of spare plants, or older plants that had been replaces. Not all of them would grow in a “non greenhouse” environment, especially the really big Amazonian orchids. They need a very specialized climate where they get most of their water from humidity in the air. That was when I really wanted a greenhouse.

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