FOTD – November 21 –Blooming Its Heart Out 💕

I have been informed that my Christmas Cactus is really a Thanksgiving Cactus because it has pointy segments. Okay, that’s fine. The woman who grew them told me they were (both) Christmas Cactuses, so she probably didn’t know any better. It will certainly be in full bloom at Thanksgiving which is in just a few days, but if I’m lucky it will also be blooming at Christmas. I’ve had it bloom during the spring and summer too, which presumably does not make it an Easter Cactus or a Summer Solstice cactus, but why not? I hope it will keep blooming, but since it’s blooming like mad, I thought I’d grab more pictures, just in case it suddenly decides to stop blooming. There are quite a few more tiny to small buds, so I have to assume (hope?) there will be more blossoms to come.

Blooming cactus


Desaturated macro


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    • I think the last shot is the only one I’ve gotten where you can clearly see the color divide between the red and the white. I love what desaturating did for the flower, but it dulls all the green colors. But in this one picture, you can really SEE why these flowers are so exceptionally pretty.

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  1. So beautiful.
    I inherited one a few years ago just like yours that has been close to death ever since. It’s never bloomed. I’m actually afraid to repot it. I saw one once, in a Bed and Breakfast in Port Townsend, Washington, that filled half of the open sitting room. Think “a VW Bug inside the house”!!!


    • Try a different window AND STOP WATERING IT. Really. Let it completely dry out until the earth feels dusty. Then water it LIGHTLY. You can buy cactus fertilizer, but you can’t use fertilizer on a plant that isn’t growing. Fertilizer is for plants that are in an active growing cycle. Try moving it to a sunnier window — if you have one — and STOP WATERING IT.


  2. Enjoy the cheerful flowers.


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