Share Your World 11-23-2020

Oh what a time we are living in! Here’s a nugget that I’m sure everyone will “get.”

I had an appointment to get my teeth cleaned, x-rayed, and have a crumbling tooth checked out. I’m worried that it’s going to get infected. It isn’t — yet — but it’s just a matter of time. The problem is, I’m none too eager to have someone’s hands in my mouth and I’m pretty sure they feel the same way about it. I recognize that we don’t always have a choice about this stuff. I had an ugly infection last month that wound up with my having one less tooth and taking mountain of antibiotics. My stomach is still recovering.

So I made this appointment and everything was going fine. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, I got dizzy. My sense of balance went kerflooey. No other symptoms, mind you. No fever, cough, runny nose, stomach ache (other than the one still intermittently lingering from the last massive antibiotic overdose), no pains in chest or trouble breathing that isn’t part of the asthma — and at this time of year, it has mostly stopped bothering me. Once the pollen is gone, so is most of the asthma. But, I couldn’t manage the stairs. Or for that matter, just walking upright and not falling down. I’m okay at home where we have very narrow hallways and there’s always something I can lean on or grab, but outside?

So I called them and they said “Okay, but you’ll need a COVID test before you come back.” Mind you I have no symptoms of COVID at all. None. Nor does Garry or Owen. And although rates are going up here as they are most places, they haven’t gone extremely high. Worse than they were, but much better than most other places. New England is relatively safe, even though Connecticut is getting a bit of a beating, but that’s because so many people who live in Connecticut work in New York. These days, if you don’t feel well, everyone is sure you have IT. I can’t blame them for feeling that way because I feel much the same.

So I’ve been thinking about getting the test (again). We have a nearby clinic where you can make an appointment (free) and be in and out in five minutes. It’s one of the advantages of country living. You don’t have a lot of facilities, but you also don’t have mobs of people trying to use them. I can’t tell you how very very very glad I am that we moved out of Boston to this virtually unknown suburb — which is, I should mention, beginning to grow. I think it’s escapees from Boston. So it shouldn’t be a big deal getting a test. Nonetheless, I’m not thrilled with going to the ONE place I absolutely know there will be sick people.

Maybe my teeth can wait? I’m still dizzy, though I’m taking a drug that helps (at least the world isn’t still spinning). Life is bizarre. Now, it’s time to move on to the questions for the week.


What is worse than a dentist with bad breath?

Ones own breath behind the mask!

Have you ever been rejected by someone that you liked, or been told that you were not good enough for somebody else?

I have been warned to not get involved with someone because he was stupid (that was his mother, so I probably should have listened) and I’m sure there have been warnings about me to others. I’m not big on gossip. I don’t spread it and I don’t listen to it. I also don’t eavesdrop. Half the world’s ills would disappear if everyone would stop telling lies and creating rumors based on their own weird delusions.

Did you ever want to have toast for breakfast, only to find that all your bread was covered in green mold?

We buy a lot of bread and freeze it. Not only that, but we have toast EVERY morning. Run out of bread? That would be like (horrors!) running out of coffee or half-and-half!

Did you ever sneeze so hard that your whole body hurt?

Frequently. My son and I — and granddaughter, so it must be inherited — are champion sneezers. My son’s record is at 22 in a row by which time his ribcage hurt. I don’t know what my best count is, but when I was recovering from heart surgery, I lived in TERROR of a sneezing fit! I have no idea why we sneeze so much, by the way. We just do and for no apparent reason. Kind of weird.

Did you ever buy clothing on the internet that did not fit, but you wore them anyway, since you didn’t want to pay the $5 shipping charge to send them back?

No, but I have frequently not sent things back because I was too lazy to pack them up, much less mail them. I don’t do that anymore. I’m way too poor to waste money like that. Also, I don’t buy much clothing because I don’t go anywhere. I did have to return two pairs of sandals to Zappos because they were too narrow. They were replaced by 2 pairs of the same sandals in a wide width. I don’t know what has happened to Clarks. I have five or six pairs of sandals from Clarks, all in a 9B (Medium), but since last year, the mediums are too narrow. The new ones are too narrow. The old ones fit fine. Everyone is complaining that they are cutting shoes too narrow recently, even good shoes that aren’t supposed to have that problem.

There are no shoe stores anymore. Has anyone noticed that you can walk through an entire mall and the only “shoes” on sale are sneakers? Excuse me: sports shoes. A few stores also have a few pairs of shoes that go with their outfits, but regular shoe stores have disappeared. Of course, by now, the malls may have also disappeared.

Maybe it not true in other cities, but here? I’d have to drive to Boston and I’m not even sure there are shoe stores there. I remember, even 20 years ago, the big malls near Boston had one shoe store per mall — and they didn’t have any brands I find comfortable.

Today, there is Zappos. They do not charge a return fee and you can return the shoes for any reason including that you just don’t like them. They also have all the sizes no one else has. My son wears a size 15 wide, so he’s happy to find anywhere that has shoes which fit him. Has anyone but me ever shoe-shopped with a teenage boy who has gigantic feet? It has got to be the world’s WORST shopping experience.

As a nod to the upcoming American Thanksgiving Holiday which happens this Thursday, please share in the Gratitude Section anything you might be thankful for this particular November.   I know it’s tough (for some) to find anything to be grateful for, but there are always things if one cares to look for them.   Have a joyous week!   MBC

I think this year, let’s be glad we are still alive, able to eat, have enough money for food, and that sooner or later (please, BE sooner!) Trump will be out of the White House. AND maybe we’ll get vaccinated and begin to remember what life was like before we locked ourselves inside and seem unlikely to never come out again. Incidentally, I do not think Orangeman will run again. He is far too afraid of failure. He’ll talk about it. Brag about what a HUGE win it would be — but he won’t actually DO it.

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18 replies

  1. From your lips to God’s ears on that last segment. I hope that twerp does get lost and stay lost, I know I won’t miss hearing about or seeing him IN THE SLIGHTEST. Yes, let it be soon and let the better times come back.

    Thanks Marilyn for Sharing Your World. As to the teeth maintenance, my mother always said “Take care of your teeth, and they’ll ‘take care of you'” which to me meant it’s better to get to the problem pronto and no putting it off. Because with teeth it only gets worse. I understand the phobia about Covid, but I’ve been three times this year (after they started seeing patients again), once for a cleaning, once to have that horribly expensive implant put in, and the last time to get a rotten crown replaced (which was horribly expensive too). My mother lost all her teeth by the time she was about 36 years old, which is why, I suppose, she was so tough on us taking care of ours. I’m 60+ and still got most of mine, so anyway… blah blah, right? Sorry.

    The shoe thing is indeed a phenomenon. Every shoe store this town boasted has gone under or disappeared, save the one in Wal*mart and talk about f-ugly shoes! I had to buy some in a fat hurry one day, and danged if there were ANY that even slightly appealed. I don’t know why the shoe stores have vanished, people will always need shoes. Seems rather idiotic to me. Plus variety! I can’t wear heels any longer, I COULD, I suppose, if I wanted to spend the better part of a week being unable to walk from joint pain. Trying to find an attractive low heel shoe is impossible. I have three pairs of dress ‘flats’ from when I used to be employed, and although they’re looking shoddier each year, they have to do. It’s kind of scary.

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    • And the shoe stores began vanishing more than 20 years ago. From a lot, there were a few and from a few, eventually — none. I do okay online, but I didn’t like trying them on and I was a lot more adventurous when I knew BEFORE I paid that they fit!

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  2. Gratitude.
    This situation we find ourselves in has made me grateful for a lot of things that I took for granted most of my life.

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  3. We get to know you better and better…. 😉
    I wish we had a Zappos – over time and years gone by, my feet have developped in width and ugliness. I think the years I spent in England, mostly in sandals and no socks or other encumbring gear, have made ‘pies’ of my feet, the soles are hard and break open easily (from walking barefoot whenever possible but oh so hurtful now at all times) and the only footwear I feel good in are either espadrilles or slip in shoes. But I also need to wear good looking, not only comfy shoes so I spend far too much money on them. Also, our Brockenhaus (thrift shop) is always supplied with practically new shoes, boots, sneakers. I treasure the ones I feel good in….

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    • Your feet sound like mine. My mother told me all that running around barefoot would come back to haunt me. It has. The good news is that with a lot of really good (all natural) moisturizer you can at least get them more functional, the heels? They are like heavy leather. Which was fine when I was outside barefoot, but not so great in any kind of shoes!

      We lost our last 2nd hand store during the pandemic. I think they couldn’t afford the rent anymore.

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  4. I hope you feel better soon Marilyn. I can’t buy shoes without trying them on and online shopping only for fit flops is successful

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  5. I’m grateful for family…oh so grateful! Even though we can’t get together in person right now, I’m grateful for Facetime and Zoom visits. Grateful for home sweet home… ❤ Love those Clark's, Marilyn. I have more than a dozen pairs of them from when I was teaching. BUT, when I recently ordered a pair of light-weight hikers from L.L. Bean online, the size 9s they sent were too narrow and too short. Had to return and got a size 10, which are NOT comfortable to wear. It will be wonderful to be able to actually shop in stores again… Fingers crossed! Hope you're feeling much better… Wishing you all a HAPPY & HEALTHY THANKSGIVING! 🧡💛💚

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    • Every time a company changes designers or manufacturing location and/or construction, the shoes change. Sometimes, it’s not bad, but often sizes change — sometimes dramatically. I don’t so much miss stores as I miss some kind of consistency in sizes.

      Having Owen here is great.

      Until recently, we could see Kaity and Sandy, but right now, things are getting a bit hot, so I’m trying to just stay put unless it’s medical. Aren’t we glad we don’t live in the city? It’s so great to have a woods and birds and other critters. Keeps me from feeling locked up.

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      • Feeling blesses! Wildlife, trees, wood, snow and all that beauty… Bird watching keeps us smiling even on the gloomiest of days. If it warms up,, we may even get out to snow shoe and get up close and personal with all that beauty. ❤ Take good care of yourself and one another! 🎄 Blessing and love to all!


  6. I buy most of my shoes online. I think there are still shoe stores around although not many. There is even one in Wynyard. I hate shoe shopping, always have. Once I find a comfortable pair I wear them till they fall apart.
    I’m a champion sneezer too, I wouldn’t say I’ve found it painful but once I start sneezing it’s hard to stop. Embarrassing and worse these days I worry that people will think I have Covid-19 when really I just sneeze a lot.
    The only bread that goes mouldy in my house is if there is one or two slices left at the bottom of the bread bin and I don’t notice them. Running out of bread would be a major disaster for me because I love toast and sandwiches and usually don’t keep bread long enough for it to go off. I buy it in bulk on shopping day and freeze it so I don’t have to keep going out.
    Hope you are soon feeling better.

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    • I just liked being able to try shoes ON, but these days, finding a shoe store is like hitting the lottery. At least Zappos ships for free and lets you return for free, which makes a HUGE difference in my willingness to try something new. For Owen, it a real revelation. Shoes in 15W! Lots of them! Wow!

      I’m glad we aren’t the two biggest sneezers in the world. I don’t know why it happens. Sometimes I can pick up that it’s pepper (just like in Alice, pepper makes me sneeze), but usually there IS no reason. I wait for people to start saying “Are you DONE yet?” These days, I’m afraid they’ll assume I’m sick. No, I just sneeze. Loudly. Often.

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  7. I hope you feel better soon and that you get that tooth fixed without further infection.

    Interesting questions/answers. For several years I was the assistant manager of a shoe store…and yes it’s still there. We heard the same complaints about shoes not being big enough or small enough or wide enough. We did sometimes carry shoes up to size 18. Once we saw a size 22 shoe. The problem we had with our large shoes is that for some reason when we would get them they would be funky colors or designs as if people with big feet need to call even more attention to their feet! The last large pair I recall there was a very bright but deep purple with yellow laces. What are manufacturers thinking!?

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    • The Big Sneeze: Felt like a tsunami covering my body. AND, my ears (correction, my EAR) really cleared out. JUDAS PRIEST!

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    • Owen is a big guy. He just wants pretty normal stuff. Work books. Sneakers. Sandals. Slippers. He met someone even bigger than him who wears a 22 unbelievably wide. Go find THAT in a mall!

      I had found a few brands that fit perfectly. Then, suddenly, the same shoes are narrow. I’m betting they are having them made in China. They used to be made in England and you could depend on them being pretty much the same cut no matter where you bought them. Considering that feet are getting bigger on the average, what’s the point in cutting them narrow? All you will get are a lot of returns.

      Garry’s first professional job was selling shoes at our local A&S Department store. He was good at it and they wanted him to stay and become a manager, but television was calling. He still checks my shoes when I buy them to make sure they fit properly. It’s cute.

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      • I’m still pretty good at fitting shoes.

        New Moms would come to me for their baby’s FIRST shoe fitting. I was a beacon of trust even then.

        And, I also still have the knack for fitting little girls in ballerina shoes and “Tu-tu’s”. Used to be all in a day’s work for me before I became a media maggot.

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