This piece from yesterday’s Boston Globe hit me like a rock in the head. I understand we are all frustrated, grouchy, and possibly poor — and suffering poverty and helplessness in the face of this pandemic. That being said, I have trouble believe that anyone with half a brain and an IQ over 80 believes this plague is a hoax. How many people have to die before they change the channel from Fox and discover their news source is lying to them? That the man who was president wouldn’t know the truth if it banged him on the head (hasn’t it done that yet?) — and this nonsensical business of trying to overturn an election is unpatriotic and possibly treasonous.

But hey, what’s a little treason between authoritarian dictators and their cult followers? Who needs democracy anyway? Especially when you have to apply it to all those people you hate. If YOU have democracy, that’s a good thing — but  not when everyone gets to have a piece, right?

And some of those doctors and nurses, frustrated by the refusal of so many Americans to wear masks or stop socializing, are speaking out. There is a devastating opinion piece by an angry LA doctor in the LA Times that is worth reading — and passing around. Some excerpts from the essay by Dr. Mark Morocco:

Smothered in PPE, we’re doused in coronavirus every day while we take care of the very sick, the worried well and the dying.

We are furious and we are exhausted. And now we face again the flooding of our hospitals.

We’re tired of seeing patients who got the virus after their kid’s “limited” birthday party or because they went out to a restaurant dinner with “close friends” or flew to a celebration in a state “that didn’t have much COVID.”

People aren’t made to be perfect, but damn, we should be better than this.

Stop being crybabies about a little inconvenience. We already have more than 250,000 reasons to weep — and to be thankful we are alive and can still do something about it.

So avoid crowds. Wash your hands. Stay home. Why is this so hard?

[During World War II], people back home collected rubber and bacon grease for years, gave up countless liberties and luxuries, and no one ever called the war a hoax, even if they never saw a Nazi in their backyard.

We’re eight months into COVID. World War II lasted six years and a day. The Great Depression lasted 10 years. The 1918 flu lasted two years and two months.

Are we really that soft? That careless? That selfish?

Sad to say, many of us are.

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  1. Two things have been inexorably proven:
    – That there is something very dreadfully and dangerously wrong with any political system that would allow a madman to achieve the Presidency.
    – that about half the country feels so completely disenfranchised to the point that they wouldn’t care about this if it brought the ‘system’ down.


    • A lot of people are stuck in this country. They have no education, no special skills, and instead of seeing what they can do for themselves, they blame the country. But we DO have a serious racism problem and have always had one. We’ve come a ways since the second world war, but not nearly far enough. And Trump was almost the inevitable result of all of this. I really don’t know how we are going to recover from the mess we are in. It needn’t be this hard, but it will be.


  2. I remind people of the sacrifices people made during WWII.
    People had ration cards, had to turn off their lights at night. There was censorship.
    All we are being asked to do is wear a mask, wash our hands and stay home.
    During WWII they told you to go to Europe or Asia and be ready to fight and possibly die.
    And people are upset over a mask?
    And you are right, most people never saw an enemy soldier, but they knew they were real.


    • This attitude is weird and also, really stupid. These folks don’t seem to have a meaningful connection to the U.S. as home or any allegiance to whatever we are supposed to stand for. I somehow have a feeling that social media has had a lot to do with this change. I just can’t prove it.


  3. If Donald Trump had told his cult to wear a mask and wore one himself, the naysayers rambling on about freedom and Bill Gates and a global conspiracy would instead be ordering the rest of us to wear a mask while threatening us with AR 15s. Alas, spreading COVID aka “achieving herd immunity” is their mantra instead. Not sure anyone can fix the entrenched mindset that denies reality.

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  4. Perhaps people would wear masks outside their homes if they were fined for not wearing them.

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    • I don’t think that works very well. If people aren’t smart enough to recognize danger, how many cops would we need to enforce those laws? I’m sure we’d need a lot more than we have here.

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      • Not sure what to say anymore except — ‘Wait till January 20th and the exterminators hit the White House”. So much vermin to clean up, so little time.

        As for COVID nay sayers, Pay it forward for your funerals.


  5. There was a clip on the news a few nights ago–a nurse was in tears as she spoke of patients whose dying words are ‘This is a hoax.’ She was aghast that they still stick to that nonsense as they take their last breath.

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  6. I wouldn’t say that Aussies are renowned for doing as they are told but most of us have done the social distancing, the isolation and the masks for several months and it has helped. It isn’t any fun but it has to be done.

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    • In places where people were basically compliant — there and here — it worked pretty well. Where people were NOT compliant, it didn’t work at all. Masking and distancing is precautionary, not a cure or an affront to personal dignity. It’s meant to keep people like us and other people who have physical issues alive. Not all of the people with problems are old, either. A lot of younger people don’t even know they have a problem until they get sick. It seems to me to be a whole lot easier to just avoid GETTING sick. Maybe you’ll have no symptom or mild symptoms…and maybe not. I figure I’d rather not test the virus. I’ll just take the word of people who know more than me.

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    • Sounds downright SENSIBLE.

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  7. Few people think COVID is the hoax. The hoax is the fear driven campaign to convince everyone it’s a death sentence and that they should give up their liberty and livelihood to escape certain death. The point of the lockdown was never to keep people from getting COVID – it was assumed that eventually everyone would. It was originally supposed to be to flatten the curve so that cases would be spread out over time and not overwhelm the medical system. Have fun hiding in your house the rest of your life. If you think it’s about the virus at this point, you are foolish. After the last case of COVID is gone there will still be lockdowns and masi mandates and the authorities will continue to encourage us to turn in our neighbors for non- compliance.


    • First of all, you are probably partly right, but you are also more than a little wrong. I have major issues with my heart and asthma, the even a bad case of the flu could easily kill me. My husband is 78 and while he’s basically healthy, at that age any serious issue with lungs IS serious. Not everyone is hiding because someone told them to do it. Some of us are doing it because we don’t have lots of choices.

      They definitely were trying to flatten the curve. Notice how well THAT worked. Because so many people saw quarantine as an attack on their freedom rather than a cautionary measure to try to keep people like me alive, it didn’t happen and that’s a pity. We could REALLY be opening up by now. We’ve been out of lockdown for months here, but cases are rising again, so we are all cautioned to be careful. Basically, all of New England flattened the curve pretty well — with the exception of Maine.

      Kids and young adults figure it isn’t going to kill them — and mostly, it doesn’t — but then comes Thanksgiving and my non-mask-wearing granddaughter is too much of a risk for us. She didn’t so much need to protect herself as to care enough about US to protect us. I don’t think that really struck her until the holidays started showing up. She might not get sick, but we will and while we are older, we don’t also have to be dead.

      Nobody in this state has ever been turned in to anyone for non-compliance because there is no compliance law. If everybody failed to wear a mask, there would be but since we are a better educated group of people than many other states and a very large percentage of the population work in medical fields (after tourism, it is our second major industry), they don’t need to get sick personally to know how dangerous it can be to some people.

      I understand that it does not pose the same risk for everyone, but with two replacement heart valves and a pacemaker and asthma, I won’t go near anyone who might have the flu, either. The last time I got a cough, it rapidly became pneumonia and they had to pump out my lungs so I could breathe. You may think that this is no big deal, but it is a very big deal, not to mention painful — and with the hospitals a bit full right now, not the best time to need that kind of care.

      So you do your thing and I hope it works out for you and yours. I’ll do MY thing and hope I live to see vaccines and life returning to something like normal. Which, eventually, it will do. NO ONE is going to keep lock-downs in place if they don’t have to. No one wanted to do it in the first place. It’s not like governors put out an invitation for a pandemic so they could use their “powers” to destroy their own economies and make everyone stay home. That is utterly ludicrous and self-destructive to boot. Stop watching Fox and start doing a some research.

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      • You won’t go near anyone who has the flu – exactly! You have health conditions that put you at greater risk so you are responsibly taking precautions. The problem is that EVERYONE is being compelled to take such steps whether or not they are necessary and that is killing the global economy and killing people. A few months ago people couldn’t get cancer surgery in certain states because elective surgeries were suspended due to COVID. How many of those people have or will die because their operable cancer is now non-operable and has metastisized? How many middle class families are now in poverty due to the economic effects of the prolonged shut down? Countries like Sweden who didn’t lock everything down have fared no worse than those with the strictest lockdowns so that whole business about how we would be out of lockdown by now if everyone just complied is bullshit. We will never go back to normal. As Justin Trudeau said, COVID has given us an opportunity for a “great reset” – radical restructuring of society proposed by a guy named Klaus Schwab at Davos. Time magazine devoted an entire issue to this reset and Prince Charles is running PR for ir. This may have been about a virus in the beginning but now it’s about a global agenda, one that sounds great until you consider the implications on your personal freedom.


        • Stop and think about that. If other people don’t take precautions and they interact with me or other people who have physical issues — from young to old, they ARE BRINGING THE DISEASE WITH THEM. It’s not JUST about protecting yourself. It’s about protecting everyone. I know that this is a hard concept for some people to get, but there it is. The virus might not kill YOU, but if you’ve got older family members, you can do them in. And their friends, too. I think failing to use a mask is incredibly selfish and thoughtless and displays an utter lack of concern for anyone but you.

          Americans are funny. We don’t like being told what to do. That’s exactly WHY Trump went down. He wanted to be our little orange-headed king, but we didn’t want a king. I’m pretty sure we made that clear back in the 1770s.

          I was really worried that Trump WOULD somehow succeed to taking away all our freedoms. No need for an international cabal. All we needed was one narcissistic American president and a bunch of sycophantic wienies in the GOP who were too craven to stand up to him. If they were/are so worried about someone taking over the world, they don’t have to look any further than the White House.


  8. That phrase, “avoid it like the plague!” has been rendered meaningless – we have learned that people don’t avoid the plague!

    There is a new one making the rounds that Covid-19 is a plot by sinister forces to destroy Capitalism and replace it with a combination of Communism and Socialism. Justin Trudeau let it slip recently in a video clip that’s been shared tens of millions of times. Every world leader is in on it… except Trump. He is the only person in the world that can save the world, and that is why the Democrats (who are in on this plot) stole the election, to stop Trump from saving the world. And literally tens of millions of Americans believe this with their entire being, many millions of which are very heavily armed. Scary times.


    • They didn’t even do it when it was Bubonic Plague. Social distancing and masks have ALWAYS been that bottom line — since the middle ages. There have always been idiots who ignored it and many of whom died.

      It boggles my mind that anyone would think the governor of a state would intentionally crash his own economy. Despite Republican and right wing nut jobs opinions, Trump doesn’t want to save ANYONE — except himself. It’s really hard for me to understand the level of idiocy that believing this twaddle exposes. But if you believe everything they say on Fox and all the crap you get on social media — and for reasons that escape me — actually BELIEVE it? Okay then.

      You can’t argue with those people. They have a completely different belief system into which research, science, statistics, medicine and just plain common sense are not relevant. ALL the things we depend on are “fake” to them. Is it because they are unable to understand it?

      I probably will never get it. I think it lies outside of my understanding.

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  9. Sadly and heartbreakingly true. A lot of slow learners around these days, with an enormous cost to us all, on so many levels.

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    • I don’t get it. I mean — I get it in the sense that I know people believe this weird stuff — but I’m such a non-follower. Before I believe anything of importance, I do research. I check it out. Then I do a little more research, just to make sure I got it right. Meanwhile, my goal is to emerge from this alive!


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