Trump lost this election. He was (is, for now) an awful president. Quite likely our worst ever. He may have power at the moment, but I am sure the moment Biden is sworn in, Trump’s power will fade away until he is nothing more than the little sleaze he was when he was New York’s own special sleaze. I’m still appalled that so many people were willing to vote for a guy who showed no signs of caring for Americans as a people. Meanwhile, I can’t help but think he worked ceaselessly to dig his electoral grave before the election.

He tried to convince Americans Corona virus was a hoax, but we knew it wasn’t true. We might have argued it wasn’t as big a deal as it was made out to be, though I think by now, no one believes that anymore. Based on this, he made a series of errors, all based on the assumption that those who voted for him were stupid enough to believe everything he said. I think there are moderately intelligent people in the U.S. some of whom are Republicans. Most of them probably believed some of what Trump said, but many had other reasons for voting for him including a fundamental bigotry that white is right.

So, when he started to beat the drums that mail-in voting (which has been part of American elections forever) was not “real” voting and the only way to vote was to stand in line and hope you didn’t pick up a deadly disease too, his intent was to discourage Democrats from voting by mail and thus disenfranchise mail-in voting. Why? So he could overturn the election even if/when he lost. For some reason, he was sure the courts would be on his side. Oops.

He didn’t discourage Democrats from voting by mail. He did discourage Republicans from voting by mail. If you tell your  nation voting by mail is illegal — which it wasn’t and isn’t — the message reaches everyone. All those you intend to demoralize AND your own people. In this connected world, even the biggest, firmest, Trump supporter is going to hear what is happening in the world.

The World — aka Planet Earth — does not think Corona virus is a hoax.

When 99% of the world’s population does NOT believe it’s a hoax and the only people who feel that way are part of one American political party, did Trump think every Republican was too stupid to figure out there really IS a lethal virus and they might get it? That by getting it, they might spread it to their fragile family members and friends so if it didn’t kill them, might kill other people? Did he assume that every Republican is as lacking in compassion as he and his family appear to be? I don’t think compassion is limited to the Blue Team, even if the Trump family does. Compassion is real thing and not limited by party. Many people — Red and Blue — didn’t want to go to the polls in the middle of a pandemic. The didn’t want to go because they were afraid of getting sick. They didn’t want to go because they had older, fragile, family and friends with medical issues. Some of them, despite political convictions, were decent people who didn’t want to be a disease carrier.

Do you think that convincing his own party not to vote by mail might have been an error in judgement? Thus Trump outfoxed himself. Maybe in the course of working very hard to convince Americans that we don’t really have a pandemic, he convinced himself?

It has been a long time since we had an election in this country based on issues rather than personality. I’m not sure we ever had that kind of election. Not in my lifetime, anyway. Our elections are a lot more like traveling circuses than issue-driven platforms. Before television, we wanted parades and tents with jugglers and trapeze artists powered by as much booze as possible. Booze has always played a big roll in American politics. This year, sadly, we mostly had to drink at home, but I’m sure by the next national election, we’ll be back to thousands of drunks running our political venues. Maybe we’ll bring back parades and tents with jugglers.

American politics are messy, muddy, and all about money. Politicians promise you anything (everything) and deliver whatever that can, whatever congress lets them give you which is never even close to what they promised you during the campaign. I’m not sure this will ever be fixed. Politics has always been a grubby business. Taking the giant bags of money out of it might help but ultimately? Politics and dirt are inseparable and as long as there have been governments, those governments were corrupt. Some more than others, but there are no “clean” governments. If you don’t know about the dirt, it’s only because you’re not close enough to it to learn it.

Trump thought if he could convince Americans that mail-in ballots were illegal, he could get the courts to agree and win by default. The courts have not agreed. He thoroughly lost the election and with each recount, Biden wins a few more votes. Not thousands, but a hundred here, two hundred there. Part of the reason was that he convinced his own voters to not mail their ballots. You have to wonder how many votes that cost him?

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  1. I am worried he might have a few numbered bank accounts in Switzerland. I don’t particularly want him to become a neighbour of mine. Switzerland is a smallcountry.

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  2. I read that Trump plans to be the leader of the Republican Party once he leaves the White House.


    • We shall see. It’s amazing how quickly people can fall from power. We even had a colloquial comment for it in Hebrew — not biblical, by the way. Just politics. I do NOT think he will keep his power. I think when he is OUT of office, a LOT of people — especially his followers who need to be elected — will realize he is not helping them. And the GOP doesn’t like losers.

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  3. Next up: the DONZO TV Network.

    We’ll never get rid of this wanker.

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