CBWC: Close Ups

Close-ups are sometimes macros and other time, head shots or portraits. Macros are for flowers. Humans are portraits, or as we used to call them, “head shots.” Portraits. I used to do a lot of portraits, but in recent years, not so many. As we get older, many of us avoid close-ups. I look at me and I think “YE GODS, NO CLOSE-UPS!” Time does things to us. But I take a lot of flower and bird and dog close-ups. That’s got to count for something!

El Duque, the doggo!

Slate-colored Junco

Hi there, I’m Gibbs

Black & White Downy Woodpecker

Cee's Black-White

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  1. You can literally count the whiskers on El Duque’s face and your granddaughter is a beauty.

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    • I didn’t think that shot would come out, but I had my macro lens on the camera and he got close enough so El Duque is a macro 😀 Usually he just like sticking his nose into the lens. It is VERY hard to get dog nose imprints off the lenses.

      Kaitlin in a beauty. She’s almost 10 years older now than she was in that picture, but she’s still gorgeous.

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  2. What marvelous close ups you have for us. I like the photo of Gibbs and Garry. 😀 😀

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  3. The Junco, especially, is beautiful. El Duque–one ear up, one down. How can you not love that face?!

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  4. oh these are fabulous

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  5. The girl in the picture has such soulful eyes, Marilyn. Wonderful photographs.

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