It’s not going to be much of a holiday season here. Not this year. Because our so-called government did nothing to protect us, our hospitals are overflowing, our medical workers are exhausted. We are losing more people to COVID every day than we lost in the 9/11 catastrophe and it’s become mentally numbing. So I thought I’d go back a few Christmases and remember the way it was and hope it will be that way again,.

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  1. The reality of NOW can be dis-heartening. I ran into that fact today, head on and without being prepared for it. I came home again, and thought about it; read some blogs and then your post. I determined that I’ll be DAMNED if the reality of now is going to ruin yet one more thing for me this year. No, it’s not a typical Christmas time, it’s a time to be a lot more reflective and aware of what we do have, small as that might be. Well for me anyway. I hope you have some merry and bright in your near future. If not? Just gaze at your amazing photos a while. That might bring a bit of joy! It did to me. Thank you!


    • The frenzied, hysterical news bulletins are NOT helping. I’m sufficiently hysterical without additional urging. Yes, it’s bad. Yes, it will get worse. But we all have to find a way to live and making me crazy probably isn’t my best choice.


  2. Christmas is going to be very low key here too and our government did everything they could to protect us. Nevertheless, we are grateful to still be here. (I’m curious to see how this all ends)


    • Sometimes I wonder — other than actual isolation — what else they CAN do when there’s no cure and no vaccination. Isolation works. If you stay away from other people, you won’t get sick. But no one one can stay away from everyone ALL the time. Sooner or later, you need the grocery store or a doctor or gasoline for the car. It’s disheartening.

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  3. Gorgeous pictures, Marilyn. I love your dolls. I am so sorry things are so bad in the USA with Covid, but the vaccines bring a measure of much needed home. I hope you and Garry are staying safe.


  4. Lovely photos Marilyn. It won’t be the Chrismas we are used to but it will still be Christmas.


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